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Solve the word search for a Mystery prize! contest finished😸

Lynette Posts: 6,354 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited January 30 in Contests

Hello Everyone, our last unscramble the word contest went well, so we thought of stepping things up a bit and giving you a word search to do next 😸

This one is a little different though, instead of seeing the results of your word search, all I want from you is to use the remaining letters (those that are not involved in any of the words) to make a three word phrase that will tell you what the prize for winners of this contest is!

Please use the spoiler to reply 😺

Below is the word search. Cross out all the letters that make the words listed.

Any remaining letters will show you what the prize is and will be the answer required.

Five random players who give the correct answer, (using the spoiler) in the comments will win.

Find these words:

  • Paintbrush
  • Butterfly
  • Colorpop
  • Mountain
  • Boosters
  • Critter
  • Rescue
  • Column
  • Green
  • Bomb
  • Blue
  • Weather
  • Yellow
  • Pup
  • Red
  • Row

Remember, it is the left over letters that make the answer

This contest ends on January 29th



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