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🐕️ What is your favourite reward in Pet Rescue Saga?

Crazy Cat Lad
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📱 Play Pet Rescue Saga HERE.

Please let the Game Team know which reward you prefer to win when completing or winning an event or challenge in Pet Rescue Saga.

Do you prefer Unlimited Lives, Boosters, Pet Coins or is the variation and a mix of all three the best reward?

Please vote and let us know which one YOU prefer.

Don't forget to give us feedback on the Unlimited Lives as well HERE.

🐕️ What is your favourite reward in Pet Rescue Saga? 41 votes

Unlimited Lives
[Deleted User][Deleted User]kathleen56 3 votes
Julie_Andrewskiara_waeljeanpsMountainMomrajdeeptbAndi_Dclassie36zainab786 8 votes
Pet Coins
SabrinaMJoost_Theunis 2 votes
A mix of all three!
PummyRajFreddy_Wayne_MidgleyDiamond_Limlemcblsiti_payungEOTheGr8Cagnesjodoah20Pitty_Kittybuzzlightyear_ukteresawallace44DieOmimihechicerillaNix66Cats4CazLynitGreymanePriyacandyGlenysB 28 votes


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