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🎁 Help the Pets Gift giving and win gold! (contest finished)

Lynette Posts: 5,964 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited December 2023 in Contests

It's gift giving time in Petopia and the Pets are sharing gifts amongst themselves.

We have a problem though... see the picture below, there are eight Pets here but only seven gifts!

Please help by following the string lines and tell us which Pet has what gift?

Simply list the number of the Pet plus the letter on the gift and also note which Pet's string leads to no gift 🙀

⭐️Put your answers into a spoiler so others can figure it out for themselves

The final Pet will then be able to recieve their gift, and five random members who post the correct answers will win 20 gold bars to use in Pet Rescue Saga 😺

You have until 18th of December to post your answers

You’ll find all terms and conditions here

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