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lemsip1 Level 2


  • Hi @teresawallace44 any news yet. still not working thanks
  • ok so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I have had to redo levels 207 and 208. Hoping that the other levels I had done before would appear but no I am stuck again. My game only goes to 208. Not sure what to do now. How have some people got levels back and not other. I was happy to redo the levels to get back up but I…
  • Hi I was stuck on 207. Had completed up to end two weeks ago. A little change has happened I can now see level 208. But seem to have to redo it Cannot see any above that so have not got back to my original progress Looks like I will be Redoing these to get back to where I was. At least it’s moving again. Just have to catch…
  • Not me still at 207. No update on App Store yet
  • Same for me was on the end last Thursday waiting for new levels to come through then back to 198 now at 207 I contacted support last week They eventually told me they had an issue and she trying to fix I am sure they are working on it but seems to be taking a bit longer than expected.
  • Hi just installed the latest update and seem to have lost a few sets and gone back in progress. Before I downloaded the new update I am sure I was on set 202 or higher. Now I have gone back to set 198 level ending 3019. With no more sets available. Has the update caused a loss of levels and data thanks
  • Hi thanks for the reply. I have contacted support. They wanted to put me down to level 2895. And lose all my extras I am showing level 3020 as my last level done. I was well past that as I was waiting for more levels to be created Also I am showing that I can go no further from 3020 so I am stuck I know we are on set well…
  • Hi. no news I am afraid. I thing it’s a bug but they suggested restoring me back lower than than it shows even now and. To lose all my extras and well below set 198. I told them I had cleared the game was waiting for the new levels like I do each week but then this happens. well see if they can fix it. ta
  • @pittina I have also tried to exit and reload but levels still missing. Any news support? ta
  • Jared. when I first did it we didn’t have three different game types. Only had reserve. I went back and did it on reflect No powers needed. All good though now you have it done. I promise it gets harder later on.
    in Level 1047 Comment by lemsip1 April 2020
  • Same here guess it’s something to do with the connection problem the game is having
  • Hi i had a look at this level whilst waiting for some new ones. Don’t think it’s too hard concentrate on getting bottom cards out first as this will release the blue card and some extra cards . Also at the top middle you have a wildcard that can be useful later on. Also get the middle cards after aiming for the blue as…
    in Level 1047 Comment by lemsip1 April 2020
  • Waiting for new levels

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