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Have you been demoted to a lower Level in the Community? Find out why



  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 60,178 Sweet Legend

    @me6412 Maybe you should put your investigative skill in the crash on the run area. Love someone to explain how nearly every question is an excepted answer. Yes i know of a glitch in the community system allowing some people to be able to accept and un accept answers. I know as i had it and reported it. Yet seems to me here you can only come to one conclusion and its not a good one. how on earth some one can get 50 accepted answers in two weeks in a game that has not officially been released beggars belief or maybe i am being cynical

    Seems some people just cannot resist

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  • me6412me6412 Posts: 6,003 Level 4
    edited March 24

    You are so right, and as I knew from the first time I met you, a smart, a knowledgeable Game Expert along.with giving great advice who guided me throughout the Community and Candy Crush Saga I think I would have quit if it wasn't for you truthfully my dear friend. Although there are those that have been Banned, just can't see why after all those King Games Panel questions and opinion that I voted on for the past 6 months why the Community Managers do this just makes me feel as though I was used and they got what they wanted and yes I voted on the Games and the Challenges they are running in the King Games right now, they kept sending me questionnaire after questionnaire invite to the Panel taking my time away from the Community, watching video's and reading those long questions some the same questions over again....just useless now. Never again, if this is the Thanks I get, they can answer their own questions, had me even taking my time to post my opinion about the Challenges on my Facebook Page and on here, just seems like I was used, where are the CM'S and The King Games Panel support now ? It's useless rambling I am doing that I know maybe it's my time like the others.........They do not care, it's that simple my friend.

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 10,205 Ambassador

    Thanks @me6412 for explaining a bit more how exactly people manage to cheat the system. I know people do it, but I don’t have Facebook, not even a personal account, actually, I have no social media whatsoever 😅 I don’t care what sandwich you ate for lunch and if you want to know what I ate, call me🤣🤣 Anyway, that was just to say, I didn’t know exactly how people were cheating the system.

    I know it’s very frustrating to have people cheat there way up, but it doesn’t go unnoticed 😉 They know who they are and so do we( or have a good idea) but I ask you my dear friend to not let this get to you and let this get you angry or frustrated 🥰 At the end of the day, I think you need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of yourself, your accomplishment and your success 😁 Unfortunately, cheating your way up is, in my opinion ( and I’m positive, others) is a disgrace 😞 How can someone look at themselves and be proud of the success they had to cheat to get🤔 if you ( I’m talking to the cheaters) can honestly be proud of the accomplishment you made by cheating, you won’t get the respect that comes with it by your colleagues 😠 and at the end of the day, being respected by members for the accomplishment done is far more valuable than getting points and moving higher in ranks. That is the reason why for those who work honestly to go up in ranks are hurt by this demotion 😢 But I think you guys should continue to reach to the higher levels you once have because you are wonderful people who are deserving and don’t quit 🥰🐰

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  • me6412me6412 Posts: 6,003 Level 4

    Thank you so very much my dear sweet friend I needed that 😉😎♥️💯✌🙋‍♂️

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 60,178 Sweet Legend

    @Nat09 That is a great view and can only respect that and 100% accurate, i only wish these people could read your post and realise the error of there ways, but this it will not happen.

    Nice to know there are people here that can recognize how damaging this has been to many in the community and all for a few rotten eggs.

  • Sharon_LooseSharon_Loose Posts: 1,833 Level 5

    I really appreciate what you have done @me6412 and although I was demoted to level 5 I was only a legend for 2 weeks because they took away the game expert status. So for me I’m on what I should be. But I can’t see why I have more points than you when you have far more achievements than myself. Did they reduce your points? I for one am glad that you have been keeping an eye on what is going on and I hope you carry on doing so. There are cheaters in every walk in life and they must be very sad people to get any satisfaction from it.

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 1,579 Level 5

    Dearest @me6412,

    Like @Sharon_Loose, I lost my Game Expert role and was demoted from Legend to Level 5. At first I was disappointed, but now I am comfortable just being a member of the community -- participating in fun activities and contests while playing a number of King games. I was oblivious to the cheating that you discovered, but I am most grateful for your discerning eye and investigative skills. I have read many comments in support of you and your efforts, and I want to add my voice to those who respect you and appreciate your contributions.

    I look forward to your continuing participation in this community. Good luck in your quest for milestones in Farm Heroes Saga. It is one of my favorite games.

  • hechicerillahechicerilla Posts: 7,599 Ambassador

    Sorry @me6412 for not seeing your tags before. Forgive me, I didn't have time. I'm actually seeing this now, but I still haven't seen where you tagged me to see duplicate account usage, will you PM me please? I totally agree with you, everything that is happening is very unfair. Community members who work well are leaving, those who stayed have been demoted, and that wouldn't be so unpleasant if the cheaters had been treated differently. We would all be happier if we saw that those bad members have been downgraded to 0 to start their careers anew. It is not enough to have duplicate accounts closed if they keep all their dishonesty achievements on the main account. Everything you do is appreciated, we have collaborated together and I love you for that, I feel exactly the same as you 😔

    I do not speak for my points and my achievements, I feel good about what I do, but what happens to others bothers me, those who were promoted cleanly with so much effort, and now have to endure their own decline while the cheats continue winning. It is true what Nathalie says, they hurt themselves, however not everyone knows about these cheaters and they continue to give them support, voice and reactions, it is very sad to see all that.

    There was talk that they are mentally ill, well, we can all be mentally ill, but keep respect and rules for us, while they don't. This Community is wonderful, we come here to learn, to have fun, to help, to meet others, and those people mess everything up, steal the fun, nullify the spirit of the Community, bring here their problems in life and transform the Community into something that shouldn't be. Hopefully those people can read here everything that others think of that.

    Have a great day.

    Do not give up

    Help us improve the community



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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 17,890 Ambassador


    I also know my way around mentally ill and have something to do with it. But, I have to honestly say, even if you are mentally ill, you don't have the right to break the rules. So you shouldn't be here then. This is the only forum I'm in. FB is also out of the question for me or other media. If I had not been told, I would not have seen and known. I honestly admit it. Because I have to fight with myself here.

    I make the best of my situation and help where I can. Even I get few reactions for my help here and it's okay because it's voluntary.😎

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  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 12,818 Level 5


    Thank you for speaking so openly about your feelings. It's rare with guys.

    I have seen you many times in the community and you have always helped me or corrected me if I did something wrong. I thank you for that. I always appreciate it when people are sincere and don't cheat. All the more I was disappointed with what you wrote about the scammers. I have also been told by someone that there are fraudsters here in the community. But I don't know any evidence and therefore I can't say anything about it. I can only hope that all fraudsters will be exposed and held accountable. And that their accounts are deleted (both the main account and the scammer account). 

    I myself behave in the community as I do in real life and I want me to be treated in this way. Respect and loyalty are important to me. I help where I can and participate in various games and competitions in the community. If I make a mistake, I admit it and correct it and apologize for it. I think that's fine. 

    Due to the new points system, I have also fallen to a lower rank. Yes, that is the case, but it is not important to me. I came into the community because I needed help and my games didn't work the way I loved it. I got this help. It took me a long time before I became "warm" here and got involved. At first I just looked around and noticed that many players were irritated because the usual functions in the game had suddenly disappeared without replacement. In addition, English is not my language and I have had problems using the translator. A dear friend helped me find my way around the community and she showed me how to get involved. Since then, I've been taking a big part here. I've seen a lot of players come and go. Also many negative comments about the new system. 

    Well, we cannot change things or we can't undo them. But we can influence that the community is a place where the players can feel comfortable. I don't care if someone has a status or title. It doesn't matter if I'm "Legend" or "Level 5". I judge people by their behaviour, not by status. That's why I rate you as a helpful player, not a "person with status". 

    Please consider the new system as a matter, not personal. It's not against you and it's not an attack on you. That is how I see it. In my 60 years of life experience, I have had to make some changes. Some of them I liked and i was happy about it. I wasn't so happy with other changes. I never put my head in the sand or retreated. There's a saying (I don't know who): falling down isn't bad, just stop. In this sense, I would like to tell you: stand up, judge the crown and move on. Don't let your head hang, be happy that you are (hopefully) healthy. Stay sincere and helpful and you'll see that you're paid more attention than with a status. 

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  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,365 Farm Moderator

    I forget exactly how they work it out but I believe its a combination of post counts and points. That's why there are people with only half my post count (and mine isn't massive due to time) in a higher band than me when we were all reverted back to levels.

    If you're not popular and the centre of the community you don't get all the reactions and accepted answers and such that count towards the points and to me that's ok. I have helped many people and that is why I am here.

    @me6412 there are also two game mods missing from that list, @PummyRaj and @Lynette both who are very honest and do not have a second account. Neither of them have time for second accounts 🙂 I wanted to add them to clear that up as some might take their absence for their guilt.

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 60,178 Sweet Legend
    edited March 25

    Nice to see the people who are not afraid to voice there opinions on here and not the ones that are shying away from the issue. Good to see peoples reactions to all this but things will not change and for me hand on heart been here properly for just over a year and the community is not what i thought it was and in the last few months my love for this place has all but diminished.

    Yes people are different i have masses of reactions as i play a lot of the words and numbers games got a lot of points from it but not done anything wrong in doing this as has nobody else who plays the games, Part and parcel of the community and a great way to be active and participate and meet people.

    Badges for points i can name loads that have cheated for badges, yes you get minor points for them but in my eyes not so much an issue. A lot of the fun in the community for many people is to collect the badges. LOL i try to react in international corner without a clue just to get these badges. Love the fun on getting berated as nearly every time i mess it up.

    The main issue for me and i think for many is the one thing that masses of points are available for questions. changes made were they due to this. IN less than two weeks it has been proven new changes are a farce and have made no difference to the community at all. The points now are in bulk so unless you stupid and you go OTT it will be hard to notice, but i know someone one has already done this they could not resist.

    So all in all the only thing that has happened is community members have been penalised for a certain few and current GM's are included in this. Will anything be done regarding this NO, It has not so far and it will not again, will be all pushed under the carpet.

    For me how Activision / King could be associated with this i do not know and thought some one in higher places would try to stop this and make it impossible for even all the conjecture. Really something needs to be done to resolve this and my only hope is someone within the management grabs the bull by the horns and starts investigating and resolving these issues.

    For me at present this is to little to late. loved my time here but know I do not want to be apart of this. ~I have some targets i will complete and then i am done. Gave up GM due to one person and due to this i will go for my targets and then say my goodbyes to some of the wonderful people i have met here.

    Will make a few people happy as i like to speak my mind and rather be up front with it. which i know some people think i may be full of myself. Will also let someone be happy being top dog and going back to number 1 with no challenge. Wonder if anyone will know who i mean

    PS my targets are all reaction targets and will not be doing anything regards any questions in the commmunity or points

  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 3,459 Level 5

    @Freddy_Falkner I believe I know what you mean. Shall not elaborate further.🙃

    I shall stay a part of the Community as it is the best place I know of for keeping up with the changes and challenges in CCS. I take the Community for what it is.

    Starting viewing the whole shebang from the "outside" looking "in" a long while ago. Travel and my lifestyle takes up a lot of time so never really had the time, want or desire to gather a huge conglomeration of points.

    When things go wacky doodle I watch and learn.

    Whole deal here reminds me of high school. Took the same approach there. Hehe!

    Beware of "Smiling Faces."

    P.S. I hope that you stick around! 🤔

    The most important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them– Sir William Bragg

  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 5,388 Bubble Witch Moderator

    @Lady_Choo I think its 3 missing including me.

    @me6412 You need to be careful how you word things as you implied whatever mods was not on your list was included in dishonesty and as tracy said you have left 3 including myself from your list.

    Not nice to see!!

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