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Once upon a time, before some of you and I joined this Community, there were 3 Superstars/Super Users who were the pioneers in helping players with issues in their game in Support areas and creating engagement activities for players and... Alright alright, I'm not a good storyteller or writer but I know someone is, let's find out who afterwards.

Today, we get to know more about 2 of these Superstars through our very first interview with our lovely Game Moderators i.e. @Elsa and @Lady_Choo! Let's read on...

Please welcome our gracious @Lady_Choo 😊😊🤗🤗

Hi, I am Lady Choo. I am married with mostly grown up children (apart from my youngest) and 3 little grandchildren, two are only a week apart! I live in England in a very scenic part, which is very pretty. I work in a school and in my spare time I like reading and playing games. We like to go out for coffee (and cheese scones from the little café around the corner) and to the cinema in normal times. There are several movies I am anxiously waiting for! Fun fact, they are filming Mission Impossible 7 not far from where I live, and apparently one of the quarries is closed off for filming of a certain series owned by Disney.

💫What do you enjoy most being a Game Mod?💫

My favourite part about being a game mod is the satisfaction of helping people. Especially if they have been stuck a while. Of knowing that we can report problems to the CMs and that they relay it to the studio and we get results. Plus, also we get to find out little things in advance. 😉

💫Share with us your memorable moments/journey in King’s Community💫

My favourite memory. Some time ago we had farm Kingsters in and were able to ask questions. During the conversation I'd mentioned one of the levels was impossible to play because the seed was stuck behind a water bucket and you had to use a shovel to get it out. They had missed it. Within a couple of hours it had been changed! If only all levels were that fast!

💫The best place to hang out with friends/family💫

The best place to hang out with friends and family. Well, actually I have two. Our garden for one, drinking cold coffees and chatting and the other is the seaside. We love the seaside. We have gone there since my youngest son was 1 and he is 19 now. Hopefully, there by the time you read this. Its our happy place!

💫Name a must have food at least a month💫

A must have food once a month is fajitas using an old el paso kit (not sure if its available everywhere) and we add some double cream to the sauce which makes it yummy. My daughter and I share a box so double portions but we don't have it every week 😁

Oh wow Lady_choo, I'm also impressed the swiftness of farm Kingsters in solving the issue that you've highlighted during the meeting with them and also, I love your hangout place especially your garden 😁😁

Now, let's pass the 🎤to our sweet @Elsa

Hi, I am Elsa. I’m sure that you have all seen my name around here in the community. I am happily divorced with 2 adult children and 5 grandchildren (ages 13 – 18 years old). I live in New Jersey in a retirement community. I retired from my job almost 3 years ago. I was an employment counselor who helped unemployed clients attend school to obtain new skills or update their existing skills so that they could be employed again. 

💫What do you enjoy most being a Game Mod?💫

I love to help the community members with their game issues. This year my title was changed to a HUB Community Moderator. Even though I don’t cover the game support areas anymore I can still help the players when they write about their game issues in the Player’s Corner. Most of the time I can answer their issues and then redirect them to their game area for future issues. 

💫Share with us your memorable moments/journey in King’s Community💫

I have so many wonderful memories that range from making new friends who play the same games that I do, to speaking to some of the Kingsters who create our game graphics, create new levels, etc. We even had a graphic artist create our own avatars. Another great memory was being named “Mother of the Superstars”. That was an immensely proud moment for me. But my most cherished memory was not too long ago when I volunteered to participate in a virtual event that was created by the CMs to welcome new community members. I really enjoyed doing that and I hope that they have another one in the future. 

💫Describe yourself in 3 words💫

Honest - To me honesty is the most valuable character trait that a person can have. It is especially important for me to be truthful, sincere, and fair and I expect people to respect me and be just as honest to me. 

Trustworthy - Trustworthy is another one of my extraordinarily strong traits. I value the ability to keep promises and never betray a confidence. Those who have befriended me already know this. If I am told something in a PM it never gets shared with anyone else.

Creative – is a new-found trait that I wasn’t aware of until I started writing stories with the King characters. I take it for granted that I have such a natural talent and after writing 128 stories, these King characters have become family members to me. Currently, I am almost finished with my first summer story but I’m not sure if I enjoy writing about these characters or interacting with them more.

💫Name a must have food at least a month💫

That would have to be Chinese food. Since the pandemic it’s become a must order Chinese online. That’s always been my #1 food choice.

Elsa, I think you are truly the Mother of Superstars 😅😅 You're indeed a great storywriter and I'm looking forward to read your summer stories!

That's it folks! Thank you @Lady_Choo and @Elsa for spending the time in answering the questions and be the first two in our very first series of interview with the GMs. I wish you two all the best!

I hope all of you have enjoyed reading about these two wonderful ladies. Both Elsa and Lady_Choo will be receiving this badge 👇 for their participation 💕💕

Ohh, wait as sec! As this month is about love, we will be giving out this badge 👇 to you after you've posted your sweet and lovely messages to Elsa and Lady_Choo. You may also ask them questions. Please keep your messages and/or questions sweet, neat and clean 😁😁

You have until 3 July 2021 15:00 CEST to post your message/question 🤗🤗

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