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Art Challenge - Test your vision (ENDED)

wykoonwykoon Posts: 11,203 Community Hub Moderator

Hello folks,

May is...Accessibility Month! In creating an awareness about accessibility in King's games or the Community, let's engage in this simple challenge that test our vision.

Take a close look at the pixelated images below.



What did you see on the above images❓ Post your answer after reading the following instructions:-

  1. Re-create any one of the above images either by drawing it manually or using any graphic program/app and identify as many objects and/or colors in the said image. Upload your artwork as an attachment using the "paperclip" emoji/upload file feature, which is the first icon on the right; OR
  2. Simply tell us the objects, characters, shapes and/or colors that you see in the image. List down your answer using the spoiler feature ⤵ to keep fun going.

Lastly, please share your thoughts about this challenge including the impact/effect it has on your vision but be mindful of the House Rules👍.

Every participant will receive this adorable badge created and designed by our lovely @johamilton

This challenge will end on Tuesday, 7 June 2022. Thereafter, we will reveal the actual image 😊.

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