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 🖥️ Official Announcement regarding our games moving from King.com



  • messenaboutmessenabout Posts: 149 Pro Player 👑

    I don't even know what a platform is. Until recently I signed in using facebook. But I discovered the benefits of using a king account and signing in through that with all the friends and lives I could gain. So that is how where I play now. I have no idea what any of this means and what I should do I don't want to lose anything in my account. I plan on mobile, Android.

    Thank you for any clarification.

  • DebW17DebW17 Posts: 11 Level 2

    How do I stop notifications from this thread?

  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 11,790 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @DebW17 have you got the notifications tab turned on at the top of the page alongside the title like this its green if its on

  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 11,790 Bubble Witch Moderator
    edited February 16

    Hi @messenabout Sorry for you're confusion

    You must now only use a mobile device without linking to Facebook

    Next you need to download the game on the suitable platforms this basically means if you're mobile is apple then select this from page one and if android select this from page one.

    The link will automatically take you to the correct platform and you can download it straight from the link

    Hope this helps 👍⭐

  • Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 86,697 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited February 17
  • Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 86,697 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Yes! Like PrettyBubbles explained you can download the games on mobile devices on previous reply. After you connect Facebook/King Account, your current progress and gold bars are still transferred/saved but boosters, inventory lives, events cannot be transferred/saved on mobile devices due to technical limitations.

  • beanragsbeanrags Posts: 50 Level 2

    wow my post about we should be compensated for our losses was removed? where is the email to write to king about this? some might have paid money for the things they lost do you have an email for them?


  • rosaselvaggiarosaselvaggia Posts: 2 Newbie

    but even with Pet Rescue Saga it will no longer be possible to play? And how can I download the game on my pc?

  • Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 86,697 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    You can continue playing this game (Search Pet Rescue Saga) on Facebook but you must sync your account with Facebook first :

    On a web browser or a desktop computer or laptop, log into your Kingdom account on King.com

    Click on Settings

    On the new pop-up window, click on Account and enter your King.com password.

    The next window displays your account information and the option to connect to Facebook – “Score and progression sync”

    Click on this option, enter the required information and the two accounts will be synced – simple as that!

    Or you can also download this game (Pet Rescue Saga) directly to your computer from Microsoft Store and play via the Windows app instead. Click here (Pet Rescue Saga) to download the games to your PC (Windows 10). Then you can connect your Kingdom/Facebook Account to sync your current progress on games completed. There is no major issues like Crashing/Freezing Issues, Login Issues and another issues on games played via the Windows 10 app. All your progress and inventory (gold bars and boosters) will be fully synced. 😉

    Anyway, thanks for your playing Pet Rescue Saga. ❤️😊

    You can also participate on Pet Rescue Contests here that you can chance to win gold bars this game (also win badges on your view profile) and please check more on Pet Rescue Community. (Support, Discussion, Contests, Videos, etc.) 😉

    Also check more furry & purry in Pet Rescue Community here! 🐾

    You can also participate and answer here (💘Your thoughts on Valentine's Day💘) that you can chance to win gold bars on this game too! 😉

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    You can check out this guide as it will help you find your way around King Community. I am so happy that you joined us here. You are going to love the contests, meeting new people who love the game as much as you do. If you have any game questions at all, I am going to add a link here that will open up as an Excel spreadsheet. On the left you will find your game and then scroll across to where you would like to go. For example, do you have a game issue question? Then click on your game Support link. Would you like to meet other game players that play the same game as you? Then click on the Discussions link. Don't forget to check out the current contests for your game for a chance to win some free gold bars for your game.

    Excel Spreadsheet (Support, Discussion, Contests, Ideas, Videos, etc.)

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    Have a nice and safety day! ❤️😊

  • fireguy2442fireguy2442 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Just created an account to see more about the upcoming shutdown. Since I don't use a smart phone I guess I am done playing candy crush. Its been great but guess you are closing off access to those of us who cannot load an app. On the plus side I'll be saving a ton of money not playing anymore!

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