Blossom Blast won’t load on iOS.



  • NahiKrisztiNahiKriszti Posts: 1
    I have the same problem: during the loading process it drops me out. This is my favourite game :(
  • Been logging in for a few days and app won't open on blossom blast just an orange screen. 
  • 113113 Posts: 1
    Mine has not loaded since December 24th. Same problem. Orange screen, no loading or dots. Then goes back to desktop. On iPad. 
  • AmberEmberAmberEmber Posts: 1
    Me too. Still not able to open app on iPad or iPhone x. Stuck on Orange king screen 
  • joliejolie Posts: 1
    I guess there are a lot of us affected. I agree. Don’t keep deleting. It crashes daily. I had to delete a lot of gold bars. I will wait now. 
    Please help King. 
    Thank you. 
  • BunnyNBunnyN Posts: 4
    Is there a fix coming?  It has been a week since I can’t load the game- and I too don’t want to reinstall and lose everything!
  • ScarlettScarlett Posts: 1
    Having same problem.  I have tried all suggestions.  Do not want to reinstall since I play mostly offline.   When is a fix coming?  If I have to delete my game and lose my level I won’t reinstall no matter how much I have loved this game
  • beehappybeehappy Posts: 0
    I have tried deleting and reloading, twice, lost everything both times.  Still won't load- orange screen and then gone, back to my main screen.  Their support on facebook and on this site results in a form letter suggesting I read the FAQ's and try the community forum.  I just want to know if they are going to fix the dang thing or should I dump this maker and move on?  has ANYONE gotten any REAL support or answers from King?
  • LeylaGOLeylaGO Posts: 4
    Why has there been no update regarding fixing this problem!! Game not loaded since the last iso update I completed on the 24 th dec? 
  • twinjan1twinjan1 Posts: 5
    When can we play?????
    was my favorite!!
    Need support team. 

  • Patty1wPatty1w Posts: 0
    My game will not load for several days now ,just orange KING screen then closes, seems like it is a common fault , please fix it.
  • kyjanetkyjanet Posts: 1
    edited December 2018
    Having the same trouble. Quit working on iPad two days go. Now it will not load on iPhone. 
  • twinjan1twinjan1 Posts: 5
    Tried again. Same orange screen (frozen)
    is there future in this game. 
    Really love to play the game.
    Should I hang on. 
    Been awile. 
    Please let all the players know. 

    I have been trying for a couple of weeks now and it will not load.  Part of my daily routine.  All other King games load no problem. Just an issue with this one.
  • ccoupeccoupe Posts: 1
    Me too! 😞
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