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Blossom Blast won’t load on iOS.



  • sugargirl53sugargirl53 Posts: 10 ✭✭
    My game has been fine until tonight. I was playing then I got the orange screen then it quits. I did not update my app due to the issues with the latest update. I don’t see why we have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app. There are no other games I play that I have to do this. I wish this game was more stable because it is my favorite. It’s unfair to lose all the boosters we have when we are forced to uninstall and reinstall. 
  • sugargirl53sugargirl53 Posts: 10 ✭✭
    In addition to my post above, I play on an iPad, version 11.3.1. I am not using the recent iOS software, nor did I update Blossom Blast. Everything was working fine then suddenly the game stopped working. 
  • Reem_Reem_ Posts: 5
    I am facing a problem! After the new updates the app works fine on my iPhone but freezes on my iPad Pro? Any help?
  • raynguyenraynguyen Posts: 0
    Update already i can not play again!!!
  • kydj101kydj101 Posts: 3
    How long does it take to correct wrong coding?   Should be fixed by now
  • Dee2Dee2 Posts: 1
    I followed all suggestions from the last time this happened 2 days ago: restarted iPad; updated the iOS to the latest version; deleted the game I had that was failing and reloaded it again. Played fine for 20 levels, but wouldn't download to 21. Not to mention I had lost all the levels I had before,which was seriously annoying. So now what? This is my favorite game of the lot, but I am not going to argue with it, that is for sure.
  • sugargirl53sugargirl53 Posts: 10 ✭✭
    I am extremely disappointed in King. They didn’t test the game before they did an update? They don’t respond to anyone about this issue? All I have seen is to uninstall and reinstall and that has not worked for anyone. All that has done is cause players to lose boosters and/or progress. There is no other game I have played that I have needed to uninstall and reinstall. Clearly King has an issue with this game and they don’t even have the respect to address it. I don’t want to uninstall and lose my numerous boosters. 
  • icu2angelicu2angel Posts: 1
    I can not even get on.  Orange King then back to my screensaver
  • drica69drica69 Posts: 2
    App will not load since this morning
  • drica69drica69 Posts: 2
    Again the app will not load. You must have done sn update. Very disapointed!!!!’nnn
  • Miggie_Miggie_ Posts: 3
    I am having same issues and it is beginning to be a pain. Every time i delete the app and reinstall I can only play at that time and then when i go back to play again all i get is the orange king screen. Please fix this problem.
  • squindasquinda Posts: 1
    Ditto. I reinstalled and went back to the right level but lost all of my boosters that included about 80+ shovels. Played a few games then it died again. This happened after the iOS upgrade and BB one. 
    I’m going to lose interest and delete the game for good if they don’t fix it soon 🤷‍♀️
  • Miggie_Miggie_ Posts: 3
    I have to agree. This has been going on for days now
  • Reem_Reem_ Posts: 5
    The game works fine on iPhone only not loading on my iPad Pro.,?..
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