Blossom Blast won’t load on iOS.



  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,556 Community Moderator
    Hi guys! 

    The game studio has been notified about these issues with opening the game. But as it's the holiday season the fix may take some time. Please keep your game up to date so you won't miss any implemented fixes. 

    In the meantime reinstalling the game app may help. But please note that your unsaved games, saved boosters and lives tend to disappear in the process. 

    If you have lost any purchased items, we recommend contacting the Player Relations Team through here

    Thanks so much for your patience. 

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  • MommagMommag Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem as everyone on here. I don't want to delete the app then download it again as I will loose everything and end up back at the beginning again. This happened before to me and I downloaded the game again and was gutted it started at level 1 again. So I won't be doing it again.
    Please get this sorted as I only had problems once I updated the app. 
  • GoontzGoontz Posts: 1
    i see lots of comments saying answered but I don’t see any answers for fixing this. I have latest iOS update. I get the orange screen then it closes, but if I move it, I can see where I’m supposed to be.
  • GoontzGoontz Posts: 1
    BTW- I had deleted then reinstalled the game, losing over a year of level progress 😖
  • tpopttpopt Posts: 1
    edited December 2018
    I have the same problem. I have joined the king community because it says you can maintain your current level if you’re a member if you need to delete the app and reinstall it. How would I do this now please? Can anyone help?
  • cdwilsoncdwilson Posts: 1
    game will not load! Help
  • cdwilsoncdwilson Posts: 1
    I can get game to load
  • LeylaGOLeylaGO Posts: 4
    How do I fix it? It has been since last iso update.
  • 12pbrown12pbrown Posts: 1
    What can be done
  • 12pbrown12pbrown Posts: 1
    Blossom Blast won’t open. How can it be fixed
  • drgeorge4drgeorge4 Posts: 0
    I am frustrated at the problems with blossom blast, please fix this. I don’t want to lose my progress as others here have stated. If I uninstall and lose my progress with the reinstall I will also stop playing. 
  • donna_tracydonna_tracy Posts: 5
    Hi Everyone,

    It looks like the iOS update may have cause an issue. Please try the iOS  troubleshooting and let us know if this fixes the issue.

    Sorry for the inconvenience
    Did anyone try to reinstall the App?  I heard this fixes Please try and let us know. Please note boosters may be lost

  • donna_tracydonna_tracy Posts: 5
    Hi, I reinstalled the app and lost everything!! Had to restart from level 1 ... today I’m back at square 1 and the app won’t load/open
  • Miggie_Miggie_ Posts: 3
    Reinstalling the app only works for the first time you play once you get off and then try to play again it only brings up the orange king screen. If you are signed into the game you start at the same level you were on but you lose all your lives and boosters.😞
  • sugargirl53sugargirl53 Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Please don’t continue to tell people to reinstall the app when that does not work and is only resulting in lost progress and boosters. This is clearly an issue with King, despite them not addressing it.
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