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Getting wild cards

batb10015batb10015 Posts: 2
i am at a loss how to get the new wild cards? Any suggestions on how to do that?


  • tweenagetweenage Posts: 5
    I’m in the same boat as you . They don’t appear to do anything . Just says they can’t be played in this level and I can only play a random old level ( can’t choose ) and the wild cards do nothing. 
  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 66 Kingster
    Hey @batb10015 @tweenage!

    That doesn't sound fun! Could you post a screenshot to see how wild cards look for you? I want to make sure everything works as it should in your games. 

    Thanks! :heart:
  • tweenagetweenage Posts: 5
    Like this 
  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 66 Kingster
    Hey @tweenage! Thanks for sharing it.

    I've just talked to the team and they know about this issue, so they're trying to fix it for next update :chuffed:
  • tweenagetweenage Posts: 5
    Doesn’t really help me does it ? 
    Ive got a broken game , think I should receive some form of compensation for the inconvenience I am having to endure :-(
  • Hello all, I had the wild cards, but they all disappeared, I don't know why, can you tell me please? 
  • tweenagetweenage Posts: 5
    No response for 4 days , what a great customer service team we have here 
  • batb10015batb10015 Posts: 2
    These people really are very poor about getting back with u. My daughter was part of a test group and her’s went away also. U want be getting it back
  • tweenagetweenage Posts: 5
    wish mine would go away as well , has destroyed the game . I’m stuck with it , and the response from here is next to nothing , might as well bash my head off the wall 
  • Paula_BáguenaPaula_Báguena Posts: 66 Kingster
    Hey sorry for the late response :) I'd like you to know that I'm not part of customer support team, I work in Blossom development team and I volunteered to be part of this community so I could be in contact with you and try to solve the issues and questions you might have. But I won't be able to do this on days with a high load of work and over the weekends, I hope you can understand that :chuffed: Unfortunately I don't have the power of sending you a compensation @tweenage, but as far as I know you can still play old levels where you didn't reached 3 stars, just ignoring wild cards. Am I right? 

    I'm sorry if you are experiencing changes you don't want in your games :( if we're changing features in small groups of people is to make sure the impact is minimal while we discover which things our players like and which ones they don't. 

    Have a good Monday all :3
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