Stella's house

Hey I have finished first and second flood house décoration, is there a 3rd floor?

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  • charls0310charls0310 Posts: 0
    Hi bubblewitch creators

    Please create a new home for stella to build. Collecting star dust is not the same without being able to spend it on building the home for her or her star cats.
  • bushgramabushgrama Posts: 0
    has anyone been able to find out what to do to continue improving Stella’s house. Contacted customer care and they advised to come here. This is the second time I’ve come across the problem. The first time they fixed for me, worked for awhile, then nothing. Frustrating. Need help!  
  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 11,409 Superstar
    Hi @bushgrama Welcome to our community, for any question about BubbleWitch3 you can just click the home tab on top left then click BubbleWitch3 :) Let me just flag our CM @QueenMia to assist you. Have a lovely day / evening and happy Women’s day 
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 9,567 Superstar
    Thank you @charls0310 I will pass your feedback on to the community team, welcome to the community!
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  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 11,409 Superstar
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    Thank you @Chicken_Slayer to come for rescue.  I knew I should’ve tagged you too for any questions about Bubble Witch 😊 I don’t know why I didn’t...
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 9,567 Superstar
    No worries @mysticalmysty I don't always get on in time when you tag me. I just saw this as scrolling through and she actually confirmed it earlier to me :) 
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    I am Chicken Slayer.  Farm Heroes addict slaying Chickens since 2013. Wife, Mother, Blogger, Youtuber,  all while endlessly trying to defeat an evil raccoon or the children. Younger versions of their dad and I. We have no chance! 
  • LenartLenart Posts: 1


    this is my first post here. I've read all the instructions that have been given in the aforementioned posts. I'm a player from Croatia in the pictures that I'm gonna post don't pay attention to the Turkish mobile operator that I'm connected to (it's just the current location of mine & my wife).

    This is the picture of my tree house:

    You can see that my wife Jasmina is right beside me in the star count (of all my BW3 friends & generated friends). I have more than 23 K fairies and I'm stuck...can't build nothing more...the game says that I have to wait...

    This is the house of one of my wife's friends:

    Now you can see the frustration that has been bugging me. I'm currently on level 650 and I'm stuck...the game maakes no sense since the stars that we collect from passing the levels add to the fairy dust count...the medals also...visiting our frid's houses also contribute to the fairy dust count and we can't build anything....because we're in a controlled group???

    The whole game revolves about passing the levels, getting the stars ...getting the fairy dust and build your house. To be of the biggest joy of this game for me was to watch my house grow...and now ...nothing....

    This s not a good explanation of the situation. First I'm reporting a bug ...just to be constuctive and not the criticize the current situation right from the bat.

    I've tried to de-install the game ...rebooting my mobile phone and reinstalling the game...and the button to acces the house disappeared. The solution was to send a few lives to my friends and the button re-appeared, only took me 3 times to reinstall the game to figure this out....but I hope this helps somebody.

    I won't pay much attention the fact that I didn't get the Trickiest challenge was a complete bust in my case (didn't get anything...although came up the 4th stage), my cats are still stuck at level 1....I don't care about them since I don't use them anyhow...they just make you lose fairies that you can use in building your house.controlled

    Now to the real problem. I DON'T think hat we're in controlled groups as it was mentioned before. Either the system is implemented fully or it shouldn't be implemented at all. The house system should be on the TEST SERVER until proved stable.

    This is a situation where King, alongside with Blizzard and Activision (the sister companies) have to make more money for the shareholders and by slowing down our progress, by making us feel frustrated since we don't get any more power ups and by doing so...making us BUY more power-ups. It's a nasty thing to do, especially since the problem with the Stella's house has been mentioned several months ago....more than enough time has passsed to fix the problem.

    I know that King has been hit with layoffs, as well as Blizzard and Activision, despite this was a record breaking earning year for all 3 companies...and I feel really sad for the staff has to fix the problems in the game...but if some other company makes a product ...make it a tv or anything else and gives you an option and then takes it away contact their customer service nd they say "oh yes, you're in a controlled wont't get this service anytime soon...stay tuned for more news about it" would you feel?

    Take account of my remarks and than give us an honest response about everything I mentioned.

    Kind regards,


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 19,391 Superstar
    Hi @Francesca_Stirbu I am not familiar with the game so I will tag @Lynette who is a Superstar and she might be able to offer you some help.
  • soltansoltan Posts: 3
    edited April 15
    نظرتان را تایپ کنید

    (EDIT: Unsupported Language)
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,165 Community Manager
    Hello @soltan and warm welcome to the Community! 

    I'm sorry but we only use English for now, to make sure that everyone understand and is understood. Please re-phrase in English and we'll be happy to assist you :)

    Welcome once again! Have a bubblicious day :star: 

    Welcome to the King Community!
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  • MongolMongol Posts: 16 ✭✭
    Hello again Queen Mia and friends. 
    I still don't have upgrades for Stella's house. I wrote right after Xmas about this and now it's Easter and still nothing. Can you ask the Easter Bunny why this is and how long it will take? I've  just read that someone has finished the second tier and is asking about a possible third. I've been stuck partway in the second for 4 months! Help ...

    Happy Easter everyone 🐇
  • 제니퍼리제니퍼리 Posts: 123 ✭✭✭
    edited April 22
  • hrisi1977hrisi1977 Posts: 0
    edited April 24
    on my phone I can not unwrap the tree stays in " comming soon"

  • deb04112010deb04112010 Posts: 1
    Where is the next level after the treehouse?? This is the second time this has happened!! Awful!!
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