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I play on both my iPhone 5s. and my iPad ( iPad 4 with latest iOS).  Up until recently, I was not receiving extra lives from friends, I log in using Facebook,   Last week, ran out of lives while playing on my phone, and all of a sudden had 37 lives from friends waiting for me.   On my iPad,  using same login through Facebook,  I have zero extra lives.   The owl is there,   So I send lives every day, and when I run out I ask as well.  But nothing on my iPad...  I have uninstalled and reinstalled on my iPad, no change, I have latest version of everything installed......,.  Help please

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    Hi @forevercinamon :waving:

    The same game progress is saved across devices if you play connected to the same Facebook account. Lives and boosters are saved locally in your device though so you can use them offline too. This means that they won't sync across devices. 

    Now regarding your issue with receiving lives: As there are millions of messages sent in the network at all times, it can happen that you have times when your requested lives won't find their way to some devices. I would recommend keep sending out requests and at all times keeping your game updated. I understand it's rather frustrating but I would hold off making any drastic moves like reinstalling the game until the next game app update is out. 

    Also have your Facebook app up to date too in case there is a connection issue from that end.  
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