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  • hello I am a huge fan of bubble witch. I'm currently working on ch.23 and I have something like 1,468 stars. Anyway. My rant is about the cats house warming n the beanstalk. I really enjoyed it when we had options for different kinds of things. Like we had 3 options to choose from. And in the stalk, re; cats house
  • >:) We don’t have options to choose furniture like before and Stella’s house I don’t like that it would be a lot better if you could choose
  • JordensNaNa
    JordensNaNa Posts: 1 Newbie
    I cleared all the bubbles on level 311 except for 3 leaves and the game said I failed. Why?
  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 22,117 Pet Rescue Moderator
    Because the leaves were still there @JordensNaNa you have to clear them from the top too :(

    Welcome to our bubblicious community though :) 
  • sassySarah
    sassySarah Posts: 1 Newbie
    For about 2 weeks the i have lost countless wins due to a game glitch. It tends to release the bubble after 2 seconds
  • LisaMarie
    LisaMarie Posts: 37 Level 2
    I LOVE the animation -- the more the better!! The characters are such a joy, they definitely make the game for me & I adore the storylines & the Star Cats, they are so sweet!! 
    I do like the slower pace & all the fun extras. The characters and action can be an even bigger part, I'd very much enjoy that. 
    Always look forward to what's coming next!! 😀
  • MJazzyL
    MJazzyL Posts: 2 Newbie
    As a big fan of BubbleWitch3 and experienced player, I am disappointed with the degree of difficulty of the recent levels I’ve played, specifically, 1756, and several that precede it. Level 1756 is beyond challenging with 60 stages the ghost must climb in order to reach the top with only a handful of bubbles to help it reach the top.

    I think King has intentionally made the game tougher so players must make purchases in order to advance. I realize in-app purchases are necessary to keep the company afloat and the game available, but I am not going to pay more for less. The game is no longer fun. I will look elsewhere for my gaming entertainment.
  • mosi13
    mosi13 Posts: 58 Level 2
    I flippin love the animations. Animations are EVERYTHING. Everytime I've deleted a game off my phone it was because the animations were wack.. if you think about it, that's why they come out with new game systems every year. More & better animations. The animations just from BubbleWitch2 have gotten so much better! (:  

  • sharpshooter8888
    sharpshooter8888 Posts: 46 Level 2
    The animations are good - especially the ghost - but sometimes they do slow down the game quite a bit. For example, the ghost can spend what seems like a lot of time sitting still before it realizes that there is an opening to be able to move up. It gets a bit frustrating as this happens continuously and it eats up valuable booster-cat time. The other annoying thing that takes up a lot of time is how long it takes for the booster-cat bubbles to load up on the start screen for each level. It would be nice if the booster bubbles just appeared automatically with a short appearance by their respective cat. Also, there are too many pop-up/explantion screens when you first sign in again - especially for the piggy bank and Flynn - as well as the requirement to summon Flynn right after his explanation screen. I always sign out and sign back in to the game on a daily basis and have to go through these screens repeatedly. It eats up too much time. Finally, the golden ticket is often too close to the level markers, so that it is hard to choose a level without getting the golden ticket pop-up instead. Another time consumer. If there was a way to choose / limit these kinds of animations that would be greatly appreciated.
  • sharpshooter8888
    sharpshooter8888 Posts: 46 Level 2
    One more thing that would be useful would be to show the bubble counter on the Morgana levels. It makes it extra hard to get three stars on these levels because I can't see what my bubble count is!!

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