What happened to my bubble blaster? The line aim is dotted instead of straight

amber76amber76 Posts: 11
edited July 18 in Bubble Witch 3
My game updated on my phone and now I don't have a precision blaster. It is now dotted instead of straight and it doesn't even bounce off walls. 

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  • SarLouSarLou Posts: 24 ✭✭
    Mine too, it's awful! It's so much harder and not in a challenging way, just a this game mechanic is garbage way. If they don't bring back the old one soon I'll stop playing altogether as it's not enjoyable at all anymore.
  • IntruderIntruder Posts: 6
    Hello everybody, I need help!
    Since this morning, the line to aim is only a dotted line, until now it was always consistent and much better suited for sighting. What has happened there?
    Game is running on an iPhone

  • IntruderIntruder Posts: 6
    Same to me! 
    If that is not put back in the old state, I will delete the game. That's not funny anymore!
  • amber76amber76 Posts: 11
    Yea I agree. Ive lost so many lives its ridiculous. If its not fixed soon then Ill be deleting it too.
  • IntruderIntruder Posts: 6
    It would be nice if the manufacturer would comment on what that should be. That must be a setting outside of the last week's update because it's only starting today.
  • DitteRebeccaDitteRebecca Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and I am android. 
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 4,819 Community Manager
    edited July 18
    Hello everyone and welcome to the Community :waving:

    This is actually a new feature that our Bubblicious Studio is trying out. The aim is to give the opportunity to have more precise shots! At the moment, we are testing it before making it a permanent feature so it's very important and helpful that you guys share your opinion about it! 

    I understand some of you might feel frustrated but give it a chance ;) Then let us know! The more constructive feedback, the better for our Studio! We want to know what you like or dislike, but please remember to express yourself in a respectful way.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience and have a bubblific time :star: 

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  • IntruderIntruder Posts: 6
    edited July 18
    Thanks for the message! I'm not at all excited about it and do not understand how to shoot it more precisely. The opposite is the case here. Maybe you could offer two options in the settings so that everyone would be helped. Unfortunately, if this feature were to be implemented permanently, then I have to delete the program. For me that is not usable, on the contrary, I have it at that time because of this feature even installed.

    I hope you understand my English a little bit, the translation is from Google, I'm German. My English lessons are a long time back. :-)
  • amber76amber76 Posts: 11
    @QueenMia thank you for responding. However, I have found the new feature to be less precise than it used to be. I will take a break from the game until it is returned to the previous setting . 
  • Tom999Tom999 Posts: 2
    edited July 18
    This feature ensures that the game is no fun anymore.
    After more than 1,500 levels, I will not continue playing.
    I've now spent over 5 attempts on a level that I would normally have done the first time.

  • amber76amber76 Posts: 11
    @Tom999 I dont understand your comment.
  • bluemoon7182bluemoon7182 Posts: 2
    I dont like the new bubble blaster at all. It's not as precise as the old one and I find it frustrating to play. The orb blaster has no accuracy either. There is no way to aim it. Its ruining the game for me. Please put it back.
  • SepheraSephera Posts: 1
    Please give  the old aiming line back but now Im very sorry to BBW 3 and the creators im going to absent the game for a while because of that aiming line if you dont belive me you guys can asked all the players BBW 3 saga in the world they dont want this they want their old aiming line back trust me is true for now if the game is still like this i afraid that im going to delete the game its just like BBW 2 saga .When you guys create the game you guys said that this game is going to be a new bubble shooter game but for now its just like the classic bubble shooter game please understand us understand all the players in BBW 3 saga please put it back the way its used to.

  • Tom999Tom999 Posts: 2
    amber76 said:
    @Tom999 I dont understand your comment.

    What did you not understand ?

    I am the same opinion as you

  • amber76amber76 Posts: 11
    @Tom999 sorry your comment hadnt loaded correctly when I posted that reply. I can see it all now. Im only on level 312
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