What happened to my bubble blaster? The line aim is dotted instead of straight



  • Morgan_the_RatMorgan_the_Rat Posts: 1
    edited July 18
    I noticed the change yesterday as well and thought that maybe it was some setting I couldn't find. I gave it a chance, but stopped because my overall enjoyment was ruined. I've only recently tried out BW3 and while it's a fun little diversion, it's also easy to drop and forget.

    For me, the problem isn't the line itself, it's the removal of the bubble outline when lining up a shot -- and now, the notion that it'd make lining up a shot more precise, when 1) you can't see exactly where a single bubble will land when moving the line by a couple pixels, and 2) all of the specialty shots require use of that outline to know which group of bubbles you want to affect.

    I don't know if it's different on a phone, but on PC I could bounce shots off the side well enough, I just had to guess at where it'd land because I'm not good at judging visual distance and angles like that. Even trying to land a shot adjacent to a single bubble was an uncertainty. And if it's different for each platform, that's even worse because it's like nothing was even tested before being changed.
  • bluemoon7182bluemoon7182 Posts: 2
    My blaster came back as normal!!! Yay!!! So happy!!
  • IntruderIntruder Posts: 6
     :)  The "old" Aiming Line is back!
    Thanks a lot to the Bubblicious Studio and QueenMia. I am on Level 1260 and the Fun can go on.
  • amber76amber76 Posts: 11
    Mine is back too!
  • IntruderIntruder Posts: 6
    Thanks a lot!
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