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  • TKN48TKN48 Posts: 2 New Bee
    Love Bubble Witch 3! I have been playing for a long time. Happy to join this forum and hopefully can contribute some helpful information.
  • dava69dava69 Posts: 8 New Bee
    Love playing bubble witch 3 hate wen im down to the last 5 balls I've been playing games a long time now and this takes some beating 
  • goodlife1goodlife1 Posts: 1 New Bee
    I have been playing bubble witch since 2011. I love it!!!!
  • WitchChristieWitchChristie Posts: 1 New Bee
    I think its really fun and enjoyable to play, but you need Wi-Fi to participate in challenges, and when you turn the Wi-Fi on, the app is much slower and sometimes the app even closes itself.
  • TKN48TKN48 Posts: 2 New Bee
    It is a very fun game. I have never experienced a problem with my WiFi slowing down my game. 
  • jelaine2017jelaine2017 Posts: 1 New Bee
    I love the game,just wish we could win more gold bars.
  • BunnieofthemoonBunnieofthemoon Posts: 16 Level 2
    I fliping LOVE this game!!
  • BrandiJohnstonBrandiJohnston Posts: 3 New Bee
    Definitely enjoy this game
  • grandmaAnkgrandmaAnk Posts: 1 New Bee
    I have been playing since bubble witch 1 came out. I do not like 3. I play saga 2 only and love it. I can say I don't usually miss a day without playing it. sometimes the game aggravates me but this is a challenge game and I keep on keeping on and persevere through the tough levels without spending money. I have spent upwards to 6 plus months on a level NOT spending money. I like the challenges they are what help me through the tough levels. Thank you for taking off that chat room at first it was good but the haters took it over so it had to go down. anyhow love the bubbly witch.
  • JangerJanger Posts: 43 Level 2
    I really love Bubble Witch Saga 3 more than the previous two. My only issue is the Morgana levels. They are way too difficult in achieving three stars. I have used the Golden Hat Booster as well as the Magic Beam and also reached the top with only 4 or 5 bubbles left and still unable to achieve three stars. If the goal is to defeat her by knocking her down then shouldn't that guarantee three stars? Maybe the goal in order to win and defeat her should be more defined like showing how many bubbles must be popped or at least let us know what is needed in order to achieve 3 stars because it is not to just defeat her by knocking her down. Thanks for your consideration and asking us about our experience playing BW3!
  • BunnieofthemoonBunnieofthemoon Posts: 16 Level 2
    I REALLY love playing this game!! I think it would be awesome if we could use fairy dust for extra moves!!
  • LadyAlexLadyAlex Posts: 1 New Bee
    So... I seem to have gotten to the top of the bean stalk on top of Stella's house, & got the"Congratulations... Your Star Cats Are Proud of You..." SO NOW WHAT??? I still have a few levels of regular gameplay left, but are there no more additions or changes available to be made to the bean stalk (or whatever it's called)? From what I've read in other blogs, there seems to be quite a few number of levels left, but I'm wondering if there are going to be any more additions available on the stalk. Have I gone as far as I can?
  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 15,611 Superstar
    Hi @LadyAlex congratulations on reaching up the top of your beanstalk / Stella house but unfortunately there won’t be anymore upgrade on beanstalk, all the fairy dust you can use it to activate your star cats and buying lives from now on. Hope you have a great weekend 🍏

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  • bearzpunkinbearzpunkin Posts: 25 Level 2
    Now I get notice I am forced to play on my phone or not at all. This really stinks. Guess I will have to move on. Haven't found anything that I enjoyed playing before now. Now that is gone. Not fair, just not fair. And I will not upgrade to windows 10. Techies need to think about peoples wants and choices. A choice of pc or phone would have been much better for your players.
  • davahotmaildavahotmail Posts: 25 New Bee
    Hi everyone my name is Tony Davison I've been playing this game for a few weeks now and I can't stop playing it put sometimes it can take a while for new lives to come through put i do enjoy playing it
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