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lost gold

when i used gold (that I purchased) to play extra bubbles on a level, more gold is taken then should be.   i had 182 gold I continued the level - played on one time for 9 gold, but am now at 155 gold 27 gold taken, not 9.  many more than should have.  This is about the 4th time this has happened.  (I should have about 220 gold or more)
In addition, when i accept 5 lives from friends, as many as 20 lives can be used, not 5.
Please help in this matter.
These are gold bars that I have purchased that are being lost  
this was reported to King and given Re: [bubblewitch3saga-Mobile] (BubbleWitch3Saga) (8444702)  I've emailed them 4 times with a response, with copies of my receipts, plus messaged them through BBW3 with copies of my receipts with no response
Please help
Thank you


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