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Is there a way to OPT OUT of events &/or receiving Unlimited lives?

I used to enjoy playing the game, collecting the star dust & building the house.  I like to play for my own enjoyment & don't really care how others are doing or what they are working on.  I used to be able to play at my own pace & play as much or as little as I desired.  Lately, though there are so many different events occurring concurrently & they take over the game.  Multiple times, I log on just because I want to collect some star dust from the player's houses & potentially play a few rounds, while also logging in daily.  Before I get the chance to do anything, multiple events/challenges "take over" & automatically react before I get an opportunity to do anything.  That WAKE THE TREE event seems to not be working properly & focusing me to constantly restart the game.  It starts up & takes me to a screen to start up saying it's creating a new board, I exit out & then some other event pops up with it's announcement & then I exit out of that.  Back at the main map screen, the WAKE THE TREE pops up again because the board is really, I then have to pick a challenge to work on, but after I do, I can't exit the screen.  I also can't exit if I don't pick a challenge,  The X button doesn't work, the only thing to do, is close out the game & reopen it again.  (Reminder, at this point, I still haven't had any control, to do anything of my own choosing.) 

Also, the Magic Hats are annoying.  I like the idea of it in principal, but I know how they work & what they do; I don't need instructions on how they work EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  It is an annoying impeadment that takes to long to show up & then X out of.  I also don't like that we can only have 1 or the magic bubbles.  If I don't use it but earn the third hat a second time, I just get nothing for it.  Then sometimes I use 1, because otherwise I'll lose it anyway, but then I never get another one because the count keeps resetting.   Every time the game closes & then reopens the Magic Hat restarts from 1 regardless of where you were progressed.  This coupled with the WAKE THE TREE taking over the game & forcing a constant close makes the two elements opposed to each other & more frustrating then anything else, especially since I didn't ask or have a choice to participate.

Finally, for me, I don't like unlimited lives.  I play this game for fun on occasion in between doing other things.  Normally the 5 lives I have are plenty for me & then when they run out I move on, wait for my lives to refill & then play again later.  I find unlimited lives annoying, as I feel like they are something that should be taken advantage of, when given, & 30 min or maybe 1 hour, it's doable, but I've been regularly been getting 3 hours & even 12 hours at a time.  I can play a few rounds, take a break & come back a couple of hours later  & still have time left on the unlimited lives clock, but I also would have been fully recharged if I just had my normal lives count & then waited for a recharge.  Sure, it's easy to say well, just don't play as much or as little as u want when u want, & that's exactly what I do, except this is considered a reward, & it feels like not playing is "wasting" the reward.  Extra Star Dust or some other special bubble instead of the unlimited lives would be a much better reward.

I could say more, but this seems enough for now.  Thanks for listening.


  • wozziewoowozziewoo Posts: 119 ✭✭✭
    So apparently no one was listening.  I'd really like to get some feedback on this as it's getting rather annoying & causing me to want to stop playing the game altogether.
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 9,956 Superstar
    Hey @wozziewoo sadly although there are quite a few of us, sometimes it happens that nobody is around and things get overlooked. Especially as once you reply, it shows as answered, which is something they will hopefully change at some point. I try to check even if it says that but I was away. I know the CMs are around, but also have other projects to see to so that they are not here every day either. 

    I will happily pass your feedback on to @QueenRaffie I quite agree with you and I think you have made some valid points. I never have time to use unlimited lives and would rather just get on with the game. At this time we cannot change that but you never know, they might in future especially if a lot of people feel the same. 

    I understand its annoying. Its not just King games, I play another game that isn't King and its just as irritating on there when things pop up. 

    Have a good rest of the weekend!

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