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Pot of Gold V - We want to know what you think!

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 453 Community Moderator
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Pot of Gold - A treasure to be shared  

The Pot of Gold is here again, and it contains plenty of Gold Bars for the winners! Don't miss the chance to get your share!

The final prize will be divided in between all the players that complete the event. A treasure to be shared! Will you be one of them?

Maybe, maybe not! But we would love if you could tell us what you thought of the event itself - Was it fun? Too complicated? Just right? Please tell us all you liked and disliked about it below!
We really want to hear it all!

Help us help you make the game even more bubblicious - And good luck for now star 
Find all you need to know about the Pot of Gold here.

Good luck 3

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  • doorstopdoorstop Posts: 2
    I just completed 3 new to me levels with 3 stars so how do I now get ticket towards sharing the pot of gold?
    ID # 1456435185
  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 453 Community Moderator
    Hello @doorstop !

    Welcome to our magical Community!!

    Did you receive the pop up in the game telling you about the Pot of Gold? If you did, don't worry! You'll get your Golden Ticket once the first phase of the event finishes- you'll just have to wait a bit more  =)

    ❤️Come together and discover the Community here❤️
    Celebrate our 1st Community Anniversary with us! 
  • SarLouSarLou Posts: 34 ✭✭
    I got my ticket. When do the actual levels become available? Previous ones have been far too difficult for me to be able to complete them; I've never gotten prizes from the spooky library either as they are just too hard. I do love the idea of sharing a prize pool though! 
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