(FINISHED) Bubble Witch 2 The Ultimate Witch -We want to hear your opinion

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Hello beautiful Witches and Wizards!

We just received exclusive information from the Bubble Witch2 Studio about a new element that is soon to come to your game
and the name goes to (.... drums roll...) Ultimate Witch!  ( for more info here )

We want to make the game you love even more enjoyable and amazing and that's why we need your help!
Community is a great place for players to get together and discuss the game they love, but it's also the perfect place to give direct feedback! 

And we would love to know more about what you think of Ultimate Witch


What is your opinion on Ultimate Witch?

Please let us know what do you think about the feature by comenting below and to complete this quick survey about the feature.

To thank you for your insightful feedback we will give 30 Gold Bars to 5 random players who complete the survey!


*If you don't have it, stay patient, we will keep improving the feature and getting your feedback and, as it improves, more and more of you will be able to enjoy it!

You have until Tuesday 15th of January 23:00 CET to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated - Help us help you! 

Candy Crush Soda - Egg Hunt - Teams- Supersonic Lolly - Share your feedback here
🏆 Win Gold bars - Here 

Candy Crush Jelly - Royal Championship- The Studio want your feedback. Share it here
🏆Win Gold bars - Here


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