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(FINISHED) Tell us your type of Witch/Wizard and Win Gold Bars!

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Hello Bubblific Witches and Wizards!

You know how powerful Witches and Wizards can be, some of their magic spells and even some of their potions.

But do you know what kind of Witch/Wizard you are according to the Stars? 🤔

👉 Check below our list of Witches/ Wizards types according to the Horoscope Sign and.. Voilà! Read what kind of Witch/Wizard you are!

To give you an example: I was born in early February, therefore my horoscope sign is Aquarius ♒️ The Star Witch

Which one is yours? Is the passionate Aries Blood Witch/Wizard? or the Enchanter Leo Witch/Wizard? Maybe the Sagittarius Thunder one?

(Aries)Blood Witch/Wizard: You have the ability to cast spells from the Magic Candles and dominate the currents of energy. Your power comes from you fiery passion!

(Taurus)Elf Witch/Wizard: You are very tuned with the power that comes from Earth and Nature. Your power gives you the ability to explore and exploit herbs for magical potions

(Gemini)Energy Witch/Wizard: You have a natural sixth sense to know when energy levels change. You are extremely intuitive and can easily send and receive energy from the past, present and future. 

(Cancer)Kitchen Witch/Wizard: You are inclined to work your magic indoors by getting the energy by your home supplies such as food and remedies. You are always brewing your potions with lost of love and affection. 

(Leo)Enchanter Witch/Wizard: You have a natural ability to get the attention from others which makes you a very talented illusionist. You can also hypnotise people and animals bewitching them 

(Virgo)Hermit Witch/Wizard: You are extremely powerful in magic but only if you remain focused! You are always trying to re-invent your magical self in Nature, either in the silent Green Woods or the quite Emerald Seas.

(Libra)Music Witch/Wizard: You are blessed with inspiration and are very talented in arts and crafts. Use your abilities to compose spells and sing them to give them extra magical vibes!

(Scorpio)Nocturnal Witch/Wizard: You get the inspiration by the midnight hours when the quietness dominates the darkness. You are also fantastic at sensing what is hidden in this darkness

(Sagittarius)Thunder Witch/Wizard: The Thunders Witches are the children of the Great God in the mythology Zeus/ Jupiter / Thor, the God of Thunder. You have the capability to direct your power and energy to whatever you desire. You are a wise and fair Witch who can project powerful magic. 

(Capricorn)Green Witch/Wizard: You have the ability to use control your magic both in Nature and in Urban Territory at the same time. Use your power of Nature in your career and everyday life. 

(Aquarius)Star Witch/Wizard: You are very well aligned with the orbs of the planets and stars. Whenever you look up in the night of the sky you sense you are a part of something greater. That is why your power energy comes from the stars and you can use it successfully into this World.

(Pisces)Fairy Witch/Wizard: You tend to pry with the Fairy World and bypass to the Physical plane. You can easily invite fairies in your life and set up a firm and powerful connection with the spirit of nature. 

👉 Let us know your Witch or Wizard type by commenting below!

5 lucky winners will be picked randomly and receive 20 Gold Bars each! .. not bad, huh?!

👉 You have until Wednesday 16th of March 1pm CET to participate! You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

and remember....

May the Magic be with you 🤗

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