Level 2272

ssavage89ssavage89 Posts: 6 New Bee

Any hints on how to get past level 2272? 35 owls with only 19 bubbles is being a bit difficult🤪


  • kaiser1618kaiser1618 Posts: 259 Game Expert

    This level was indeed not easy, as far as I remember I used 1 booster and the golden hat on this one.

    During all the way up don't care about the owls, only thing that matters is going upwards to reach the top of the level, once reached the owls are all stuck together so that you can shoot 4 or 5 with a single shot. But most of the times there are not enough shots left at this point that's why I used the golden hat at the end.

  • KimElstonKimElston Posts: 1,006 Game Expert

    As @kaiser1618 Said I agree concentrate on clearing the bubbles its much easier to get you're owles this way as they will group up. Good luck👍🌟

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