Newbie Introduction, BUbbleWitch 3

joycee487joycee487 Posts: 3 New Bee

 Hello everyone! I am not usually a big video game player but these are awesome and different.

I really enjoy the BW games and am currently on BubbleWitch3 however I am having some issues with Level 2640. First, the game freezes . usually have to reboot my iPad to unfreeze game. When this happens, I loose position in that level and loose golden button credit for completing first attempt. I am playing Leo’s competition and Astral League, and I’m not getting credits or points are not being added to my player and I can’t advance against other players. Can these be fixed so I can get the points I haven’t been getting?

Thank you your help. Joycee487.


  • KimElstonKimElston Posts: 1,473 Superstar

    @joycee487 hi I play bubble witch 3 and love it sorry you are having problems with freezing unfortunately this does happen from time to time and is annoying. Try logging out of your game and turning your device off and on to see if resets. If you are playing Leo's cup the stars you win dont apply to the scores in the league. I wish they would too. You only get them added during playing levels in a current chapter. 👍🙂

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