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  • aijaziqbal
    aijaziqbal Posts: 8,884 Sweet Legend

    Hi and thanks for marking me @KimElston .

    My answers are as below.

    1. Owl's Mail Bag, missing

    2. Cats ears different color

    3. Cats forehead triangle missing

    4. Below cat rock patterns missing

    5. Below fairy leaves missing

    6. Fairy eyelashes change.

    7. Stella buckle, change color

    8. Stella's feet, leaves missing

    9. Top Tower green leaf shade miss

    10. a leaf is missing on branch over owl head.

  • Pcj
    Pcj Posts: 1,621 Level 3

    Thanks for the tag friend @KimElston do not play game have fun with answers from other community members that do.💖💖

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 4,767 Friends Moderator

    I found the following differences:

    1. The green canopy is missing from the tower.

    2. The owl's mail pouch is missing white envelope on front of bag.

    3. The Fairy Queen's eyelashes are not as thick.

    4. Inside of cat's ears are white instead of pink.

    5. Cat is missing red triangle on its forehead.

    6. Stella's belt buckle is black instead of yellow.

    7. Bottom of screen has not been cropped (compared to first picture) so additional flowers appear below Stella's boots, more rocks are on the path to Stella's house, and more flowers appear on the ground below the Fairy Queen.

    8. While it may be unintentional, the top margin and right side margin are slightly cropped in second picture.

  • im_ms_A
    im_ms_A Posts: 10 Level 2

    Hloooooo...😊 Thanks for the tag....😊😊😊❤️

  • rajdeeptb
    rajdeeptb Posts: 4,323 Level 5

    My List Is Completed here 👇👇

    1 - missing leaf on top both left and right side

    2- Red cat's power symbol on her forehead is missing in another picture 

    3- Stella's belt buckle is different in both picture. one is black another yellow. 


    flowers are missing where stella stands 

    5 -Envelope ✉ symbol is missing in another picture on the mail bug

    6- Red cat's Inner Ears Are Whitein another picture 

    7- Fairy's Eye Lashes are Thinner Than Another picture 

    8- Flowers Are Missing at the Ground Where Fairy Is flying 

    9- Pebbles Are missing in second picture where Red cat Is Sitting. 

    10-- A green Cottage Is Missing In Another Picture Which Is Situated Left Side At The House (I don't know what Is nane Of That) 

    11- Stells Second Shoes Is Not Showing Properly In Another Picture

    Hope All Differences Are Founded.😊😊

  • mletuli
    mletuli Posts: 8 Level 2

    tower umbrella, owl mailbag, Stella belt buckle, stones on pathway, flowers on grass, cat forehead symbol, cats ears, fairy’s eyes. (8)

  • hechicerilla
    hechicerilla Posts: 10,355 Legend

    Are you sure?? I have found 9 differences 🤭

    Thanks for the contest and tag @KimElston

    I don't play this game, but I could start anyway right?

    1 The Owl Mail Bag 2 The roof sheet on the tower 3 The Witch's Belt Buckle 4 The leaves or flowers next to the witch's foot 5 The cat's ears 6 The Cat's Forehead 7 The leaves or flowers under the feet of the fairy 8 The eyes of the fairy 9 Stains or stones on the road in front of the cat

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 14,727 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi guys it has just come to our attention that there has been a system error when loading our images. Please accept our sincere apologies for this. Please do not post anymore answers in this thread We will be getting it corrected as soon as possible. Once we have this fixed we will be reposting. All players will be re tagged to rejoin using the correct images. Once again we are sorry for this and hope you will all rejoin us and have some fun ⭐🙂

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 14,727 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @hechicerilla of course you can start to play BW3 it would be a pleasure to have you. Have a starlistic weekend ⭐🙂

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 14,727 Bubble Witch Moderator
    edited August 2020
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