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ENDED 🔮🔮Some Bubblelicious fun 🔮🔮

johamiltonjohamilton Posts: 7,117 Bubble Witch Moderator
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Hi to all our Bubbler's! @Miss_Dani and I have come up with a little Just for Fun activity. Lets see how good you know your game!

For those that need to use a translator.. Here are the hints:


(1) You collect this to build your house

(3) You meet him at the end of every chapter

(4) What is the name of the yellow cat

(6) The nicest witch of all

(7) Wilbur's power bubble


(2) What is the name of the green cat

5) You clear the path so it can fly to the top

(8) What is the name of the blue cat

👻👻Can you complete the crossword puzzle? 👻👻

Please put your answers in the Spoiler box 😀🔮

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