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WertiWerti Posts: 3 Newbie

My question is, if I do not have a King.com account linked to the game state on my Windows 10 computer, will I lose the current game progress on my computer when I link this account?


  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 5,083 Bubble Witch Moderator

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  • WertiWerti Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited April 14
    If I link my King.com account to Bubble Witch 3 Saga at this point, will my progress in the game that I made without connection be lost?


  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 5,083 Bubble Witch Moderator
  • WertiWerti Posts: 3 Newbie
    If I link the game to my King.com account now, will I lose any progress I earned before the link?


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