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ENDED 👻 👻 Switch your Score to win Gold 👻 👻

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Hello Bubblers! We have a new challenge for you!

Something totally different and will make you shake your head 🙃😲

Ok, here is how it is going to work❗️

🔵 Play any level, then you are going to change your score. You need a 6 digit score, not a 5 digit score. And for sure no 7 digit scores‼️

  1. Take you score and switch the 3 digits after the coma and that then will be your first 3 digits.
  2. Example : 127,955 will be switched to 955,127. Just switch your numbers after the coma 🙄🏋️
🔷 How to participate ❓️
  • Play any level and post your played screenshot showing your level and your score.  
  • No score can be a 7 digit number. Another words, no Million point score is allowed. And remember you need a 6 digit number
  • You can post up to 8 screenshots
🔷 What is up for grabs ❓️💰️
  • The 3 members with the highest scores will get 30 gold bars each
  • ALSO 👀
  • 2 members will be randomly picked to receive 30 gold bars. ....So Everyone has a chance to WiN 🏋️🤸‍♂️🤗
  • That is a total of 150 💰️ 💰️ 💰️ being handed out to 5 members! 🤸🤸‍♂️

Good Luck everyone 😀

You have until September 9th (can't believe I am saying September) at 9am C.S.T. USA to participate.

For your convenience here is your Countdown Clock 👻

👉 Terms & Conditions here



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