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🔮 Come on in for tips to wake the tree 🌳

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Hi bubble blasters 🤹‍♀️🤹‍♂️we all like collecting free boosters from our loveable wake the tree 🌳let me pass on my tips to help you complete yours

Try not to select the same flower as your team mates as you only need to clear 2 different flowers and it will waist a move 🌸🌼

☀️ Yellow bubbles in chapter 78 level 1532

🦉Owls in chapter 1 level 1 there are only a few at a time in level 1 or chapter 55 level 1075 or chapter 128 level 2527 and chapter 133 level 2634

🔵Blue bubbles in chapter 72 level 1416 or chapter 43 level 823 or chapter 127 level 2505 or chapter 1 level 8 it takes a little longer around 50 per play but if you are not high up you can still go for them

🍏Green bubbles in chapter 55 level 1075 or chapter 77 level 1515

Black bubbles in chapter 32 level 608 or chapter 43 level 824

Arcade bubbles in chapter 1 level 4

🔴 Red in chapter 43 level 823 or chapter 101 level 1991

👻 Ghost in chapter 15 level 277 or chapter 101 level 2502 or chapter 134 level 2646

🧿 Line blast in chapter 77 level 1516 or chapter 3 level 32

🌠 Spells unlimited in level 19 and 49

There must be more guys but I have done my best to give you a good mixture to choose from 💓👏and hopefully I will have helped you to wake up the tree sooner and collect more magical boosters😀

We all love free boosters so let's go guys and grab as many as we can 🥳



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