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ENDED 🎄 Jingle Bell Dash Team Tournament 🎄

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Are you ready for the Jingle Bell Dash ❓️

Everyone that is a team member will receive this Holiday Team Tournament badge 👉️

🎁 How to play

 🎄 Play any level, then you are going to change your score. You need a 6 digit score. ( Not a 5 digit score. And for sure no 7 digit score)

  1. Take your score and switch the 3 digits after the coma and that then will be your first 3 digits.
  2. Example: 127,955 will be switched to 955,127Just switch your numbers after the coma 🙄🏋️

🎁 How it works

  • Each team will comprise of 3 members. 🎅🤶☃️
  • You can post as many times as you want and I will take the highest score for each person. 😉 
  • Your scores will then be added together to achieve 1 score for the team
  • We need a screenshot of your newly played level showing your ending score. 


These are the team cumulative scores as of December 7th

Magical Elves - 1,985,371

@hechicerilla , @DieOmimi , @PummyRaj

Unexpected Presents- 111,642

@bekicrusher , @PD987 , @KCullen127

Tinsel Troopers - 2,910,486

@Tbar2, @jrite , @Lemurtek

Star Night - 2,936,078

@Walezy , @jojo75, @kiara_wael

Tinsel Fairies - 995,352

@Racoon7 , @DU123 , @aautz1

 Rusty Bells of Santarina - 890.151

@wykoon , @Nenikapaki , @rebelchild

 Broom Riders - 2,700,471

@MountainMom, @BubbleGumSoda , @siti_payung

Tree Toppers - -0-

@Anahita_2005 ,@MiladyR, @EOTheGr8

Girl*3 - 1,935,259

@CassD, @StellaDickens , @carmenechevarria

Mistletoe Magicians - 990,915

@JessicaBilly , @bearwithme, @CerbeRus777

New Team - -0-

@BQN537 , @DaniTheOG, @gr33n3y3z 

🎄⛄️ Please let me know your Holiday team name ⛄️ 🎄


📢 Attention please!

I need everyone to let me know in a comment within the first 2 days that you are here and ready to play. It is very important to make sure we have all team members ready to go. Just give me an "I'm Here". 🤩

  • Since it is teamwork, please talk to your teammates.
  • You do not have to post every day. You can save your screenshots then post what you want later
  • There are different stages of winning, strategize with your teammates.

🎁 What is up for Grabs❓️

The prizes are a bit different this time. I have made it where everyone has a chance to win. 1st place, 2nd place, 6th place and last‼️

I have to say, if you are going for last place, remember I am taking your highest score....not your lowest! 😲 Play wisely 😁

  • The team in 1st place with the highest score will each win 50 Gold Bars
  • The team in 2nd place with the highest score will each win 40 Gold Bars

1st and 2nd will also win the prestigious Jingle Bell Dash badge

Also ....

  • The team in 6th place will each receive 4 Boosters of their choice
  • The team in last place will each receive 4 Boosters of their choice
  • If by chance there is a tie in a placement score, there will be a one day, one level play off.

So play wisely! Talk to your teammates ☎️

Good Luck Teams! 😀

You have until December 16th at 9 am C.S.T. USA to participate.

For your convenience here is your  Countdown timer👻

👉 Terms & Conditions here

🎄Want to join, but no account, then register here in 1 minute 🎄



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