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ENDED🍀Do You Feel Lucky? Could get some Gold, Boosters and a Badge🍀

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🍀Hello Bubbler's! Are you up for a challenge? 🍀

Stella, Wilbur and Morgana was sitting around playing some cards.

They want to know how Lucky are you 🍀❓️

🍀How to Play

There are 4 different kinds of hands that you can need

3 of a kind ~ You need 3 numbers that are the same : Example 333 or 777

4 of a kind ~ You need 4 numbers that are the same : Example 4444 or 9999

Full House ~ You need a 3 of a kind and a 2 of a kind : Example 22255 or 99000

Straight ~ You will need 4 or 5 numbers in a row : Example 0123 or 56789

***** The numbers do not need to be in order, they just have to be in your score...Example....146,235 = 123456. this would be a straight.

** You can play any level you want 😀

** You cannot use a screenshot twice 😮

** Please don't use an old screenshot

**** Edited ~ No score over 2 Million allowed.

🍀Everyone that plays will win the Lucky St Patrick's badge

🍀What is up for Grabs

☘️Everyone that posts a screenshot of a 3 of a Kind, 4 of a Kind, Full House and a Straight will win

**5 Sparkling Blast, 5 Magic Beam and 5 Rainbow Row rush = 15 Magnificent Boosters


☘️Those that posts any 3 of the above different hands will win 20 gold bars

☘️ Those that posts at least 2 different hands above will win 3 Boosters of your choice

You have until March 24th 9:00am c.s.t.

Here is your Countdown timer for your convenience

👉 Terms & Conditions here

Want to join, but have no account, you can register here in 1 minute 😀



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