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stuck -Any suggestions on how to get level 177

lalopez6715lalopez6715 Posts: 1,431 Level 3

Once again I am stuck , now on level 177, I can’t get past the blockers that cover the middle section of the board. Owls are covered by ice and are hard to get to.

Best Answer

  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 11,611 Bubble Witch Moderator
    Answer ✓

    Hi @lalopez6715 This is a slow level to clear the fairy bubbles and arcades will help you out a bit

    Don't waste any bubbles trying to open up the webs if you can't clear them fill your orb as this is your best friend in this level

    Although difficult its completable I completed it using no boosters with 3 shots left

    You can do this 👍

    Answer ✓


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