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Halloween Season Rewards

CBRetriever2 Posts: 72 Level 3

I'm using an Amazon Fire tablet with the latest update on Bubble Witch 3.  I completed the Halloween Season Tryout Challenge but the icon for it is sitting there with an exclamation point. When I click on it it keeps coming up with a Congratulations, you got promoted to a new league! Your Placement: 3. When I click on the Continue button I see the following message:


A giant chest of rewards from the competition

Round Rewards

X1 for the blue marble

+1431655750 more

obviously, I didn't win over 1 billion rewards, but when I click on the Claim, I get a locked chest and click on it and see a Stereo Bold. If I click on that (or even if I do nothing) I get some purple smoke and the BBW3 closes. I have force stopped the app, cleared the cache (I don't want to clear data because I have a lot of rewards/gold bars and I don't want to lose them).

Any ideas? Is it a bug with that particular challenge? Will it go away eventually?


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