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 Ended 🌎️  Around the World Holiday Team Tournament 🌎️

johamilton Posts: 18,749 Bubble Witch Moderator
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🎄🤶Let the Holiday contest begin 🤶🎄

A thanks to @LeFlarcane and @Bellamy32 for the Worldly idea😁

🎅The teams are divided based upon their location 🎅

  • Any team that is short of a completed team, team members can choose who can post extra screenshots to make it even.

🎁🎄How to Play

  • You are playing for a 6 digit score
  • Play any level
  • Post your newly played screenshot here
  • Once you post your screenshot you will take your score and add each digit together and that will be your new score Heads up : Any score with 6 digits of the same number is not allowed. Example 999,999, 888,888, 777,777
  • You can post as many screenshots and I will take the highest score
  • Do not use an old screeshot. All screenshots has to be current
  • Example: The score is 589,490, so add each digit together. 👉️ 5+8+9+4+9+0 =35👈️Your ending score will be 35
  • Every team member that completes the contest, will receive thier own personal participation badge that matches your Continent

🎁How to win

  • We have 3 Teams North America, Europe and Asia
  • Each team will end up with one final cumulative score
  • The team that has the highest cumulative score will be the winner and will receive the World Team Champions badge and 30 Gold Bars 💰️

And there are more presents 🎁 Just that time of the year! 🤗

  • 2nd place will receive 6 Boosters each and 20 gold bars
  • 3rd place will receive 4 Boosters each

Every team has their own thread to talk with their team mates. Be respectful to the other teams and don't go into their area. All scores has to be added to this page for them to be counted.

  • Please choose 1 person on your Team to be the leader. If anything comes up, someone is not playing etc., one person can let me know 😁
  • Everyone, please do a check in here, so I know that everyone has received their tag and you know that the contest has started.
  • As everyone knows when it comes to a Team tournament, the player numbers can change. So lets give it time for the amount of players to settle. What ever continent has the highest amount of members, the other two continents can make the count with extra screenshots. I do need to know the Player number that one will be filling in. That will be your Team leader to let me know.

EDITED : For instance on the Asia team. You currently have 9 players. You need to split up on who will do an extra screenshot. Only one extra per person. Any new players that want to join in will automatically be added to the Asia team

Here is your link for your Continent with the members name

North American Team Members 👈️- 13 Members

@EOTheGr8 - USA

@Princess_Jessica - USA

@bearwithme - USA

@MountainMom - USA

@angiegritz - US

@rebelchild - US

@aautz1 - US

@MiladyR - US

@gordan10 - US

@Terri_1 - US

@sambrat - US

@Sharon3211 - US

@JDM_BenZ - Canada US

Europe Team Members 👈️- 14 Members

@Bellamy32 - UK

@DieOmimi - Germany

@maf34100 - Greece

@LaAnto - Italy

@Lady_Choo - UK

@CassD - England

@Nico_G - France

@Racoon7 - UK

@Kiki_g - Germany

@Nikolaos_Prodromidis - Greece

@nathalie2905caron - France

@spoekie - Italy

@DU123 - Wales

Asia Team Members 👈️9 Members

@Palash_Sarma - India

@Amoonmoon - Jordan

@siti_payung - Malaysia

@LeFlarcane -Philippines  

@BobaKitty_BW3fan - China

@kiara_wael - Indonesia

@KCullen127 - Asia

@wykoon - Asia

@teeweiping - Asia

@PD987 - UK ( has been moved to Asia)



Also, any new player will be moved to Asia

Good Luck everyone and have fun😀

You have until  December 22nd @ 10am c.s.t.

Countdown timer December 22nd

For your convenience here is your 

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