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🔮You helpers and blockers explained 🔮

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Here you will all your little helpers!

Fairy Bubbles: 

Select one of these and watch the fairy fly around and destroy random bubbles including blockers

Arcane Bubbles:


Hit these and watch how they explode and clear all the bubbles around them

Fairy Nest:

Choose a colour that you want to remove from your board use it to hit this bubble and watch all the fairys make them disappear. If you hit it with the orb a random colour will be chosen

Bonus Moves: 

These will appear and will offer you extra moves you can be offered any number at different times with the maximum being 5 free moves. After each shot the number will decrease by one until either you reach it or it has ticked down to zero


Once hit this will release rockets that will shoot at random bubbles and destroy them this includes blockers and helpers so can be very useful if they are in there line of fire

More/Less Bubble: 

After each shot these will change from plus to minus and back again. Be careful to avoid them once they turn black otherwise you will loose a shot


Selecting this will be useful as all the surrounding bubbles will change colour including any blockers to enable you to clear your way. Be mindful as they will also transform your helpers into colours

Acid Cauldron: 

Very useful as each shot releases a drip of acid that clears anything beneath it. If you cant find a colour match and place your bubble in the orb this will also trigger a release of acid


Select this beautiful rose and you will be given a super fairy added to you next shot. Once you use it the super fairy will clear random bubbles

Magic Broom: 

Fancy cleaning your board then hit the broom and sit back and watch it sweep away

Fire Arrow:

This will change direction after each move. Once you hit it a path will be cleared in the direction the Arrow Is pointing


This will clear the whole line it is placed on from left to write creating all the lines beneath to drop out of play


What a lovely little gem. If you select this gem it will clear all thats attached to it including blockers but be cautious as it will clear helpers too

Mirror Bubble:

Great helpers the will start off as a clear mirror then once you select a colour it will bounce of the mirror and change it to match your colour. You can then clear lots more space to excel you up your board

Fairy Bunch:

Five little fairies are waiting here for you to realise them so they can fly around and clear 5 random bubbles including blockers from you board

Tint Bomb:

If you are struggling to make a match and you can shoot this it will change the colours surrounding it. If blockers or helpers are there they too will be changed into colour bubbles


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