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What happened to my bubble blaster? The line aim is dotted instead of straight



  • amber76amber76 Posts: 11 Newbie
    @Tom999 I dont understand your comment.
  • bluemoon7182bluemoon7182 Posts: 2 Newbie
    I dont like the new bubble blaster at all. It's not as precise as the old one and I find it frustrating to play. The orb blaster has no accuracy either. There is no way to aim it. Its ruining the game for me. Please put it back.
  • SepheraSephera Posts: 1 Newbie
    Please give  the old aiming line back but now Im very sorry to BBW 3 and the creators im going to absent the game for a while because of that aiming line if you dont belive me you guys can asked all the players BBW 3 saga in the world they dont want this they want their old aiming line back trust me is true for now if the game is still like this i afraid that im going to delete the game its just like BBW 2 saga .When you guys create the game you guys said that this game is going to be a new bubble shooter game but for now its just like the classic bubble shooter game please understand us understand all the players in BBW 3 saga please put it back the way its used to.

  • Tom999Tom999 Posts: 12 Level 2
    amber76 said:
    @Tom999 I dont understand your comment.

    What did you not understand ?

    I am the same opinion as you

  • amber76amber76 Posts: 11 Newbie
    @Tom999 sorry your comment hadnt loaded correctly when I posted that reply. I can see it all now. Im only on level 312
  • Morgan_the_RatMorgan_the_Rat Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited July 2019
    I noticed the change yesterday as well and thought that maybe it was some setting I couldn't find. I gave it a chance, but stopped because my overall enjoyment was ruined. I've only recently tried out BW3 and while it's a fun little diversion, it's also easy to drop and forget.

    For me, the problem isn't the line itself, it's the removal of the bubble outline when lining up a shot -- and now, the notion that it'd make lining up a shot more precise, when 1) you can't see exactly where a single bubble will land when moving the line by a couple pixels, and 2) all of the specialty shots require use of that outline to know which group of bubbles you want to affect.

    I don't know if it's different on a phone, but on PC I could bounce shots off the side well enough, I just had to guess at where it'd land because I'm not good at judging visual distance and angles like that. Even trying to land a shot adjacent to a single bubble was an uncertainty. And if it's different for each platform, that's even worse because it's like nothing was even tested before being changed.
  • bluemoon7182bluemoon7182 Posts: 2 Newbie
    My blaster came back as normal!!! Yay!!! So happy!!
  • IntruderIntruder Posts: 6 Newbie
     :)  The "old" Aiming Line is back!
    Thanks a lot to the Bubblicious Studio and QueenMia. I am on Level 1260 and the Fun can go on.
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 12,981 Community Manager
    edited July 2019 Answer ✓
    Hello everyone and as some of you already noticed: Great news - You've been heard!

    It turns out that the test did not work out as expected and seeing that you guys do not like the feature, our bubblific Studio thought it was best to take it away. You can now go back to the game and happily fire some bubbles away! 

    We aplogize for the inconvenience that this might have caused and we would like to thank you for addressing your feedback ;  thank you for your cooperation, patience and understanding. Together, we can make the game even more bubblicious 🌟

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