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Our Studio need your feedback on your experience with the game animations!



  • DosanjosDosanjos Posts: 2
    edited August 5
    Muito bom!

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  • isaali58isaali58 Posts: 2
    I have played all 3 series and really had no problems love playing 
  • Solomon6Solomon6 Posts: 1
    To get to the top has gotten longer. Also it takes too long to get to the top.
  • PuppePuppe Posts: 16
    edited August 5
    Han regresado el lazer! Gracias!! Los amo!!!  =) <3

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  • PuppePuppe Posts: 16
    edited July 22
    Me gustaría saber porque debes pagar por los lingotes de oro si ya los ganaste

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  • kaiser1618kaiser1618 Posts: 174 Game Expert
    edited July 22
    Hi, here are some remarks:

    - the frog animation is too long

    - no evolution in the story since months (stella is in the kaleidoscop world and since then nothing new happened)

    - not possible to continue stella's house, stardust becomes useless, I have over 185,000

    - not enough infos from the developpers: sometimes I see topics of other players talking about things I don't have in my own game (ball with 2 colors at the beginning or also this option What are these options ? why aren't they mentionned anywhere ? why I don't have them ?

    - Leo cup rewards: only 1 booster reward for the 1st, nothing for 2nd and 3rd

    - golden hat too random, it's not really fun to play 20 times or more an old easy level again and again to get the golden hat to increase the chances to complete the hard level we are currently stucked on

    - please bring back the video add which allows to have 3 more bubbles at the end of a level

    - there is a bug when I connect to this forum using my phone: the date of the last post is always the current date: for example if in the topic list the last post on a topic was for example at 2pm there will be 2pm written if I connect using my computer. However if I use my phone and connect at 8pm for example, there will be "8pm" for the date of the last post for every topic in the list (and then 8:01 pm, 8:02 pm etc. even without new posts).

  • ChristinaPausch1ChristinaPausch1 Posts: 1
    Please Gooooold
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,931 Community Manager
    Hi everyone and thanks so much for all these great feedback! 

    Please note that we are specifically asking about the in-game animations here as our Studio needs to know about these. If you wish give us any other kind of feedback about the game, please head to this thread ;) 

    Thanks guys and have a bubblicious day 🍒

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  • trishacollymoretrishacollymore Posts: 2
    I haven't played in a while because of some hard levels but recently started back playing and I'm having lots of fun. 
  • luanacbluanacb Posts: 51 ✭✭
    edited July 29
    Bom dia a todos jogadores! Adoro os jogos da King, meu preferido e o farm heroes. Sempre faco compras e me dedico ao jogo. Afinal, alem do trabalho do dia a dia a King sempre tem como nos divertir com seus jogos. Obrigada a todos!

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  • caroleldrethcaroleldreth Posts: 28
    Need gold please
  • raelynn74602raelynn74602 Posts: 4
    I love everything about the game, it's challenging and frustrating at times but who wants a boring game. And of course the higher levels it should be more challenging. It's good for the brain at least mine!!!! LOL
  • luanacbluanacb Posts: 51 ✭✭
    Good morning everyone! I love King games, my favorite and the farm heroes. I always shop and dedicate myself to the game. After all, besides the day to day work King always has a way to have fun with his games. Thank you all! <3 =)
  • luanacbluanacb Posts: 51 ✭✭
    Hi everyone my name is Tony Davison I've been playing this game for a few weeks now and I can't stop playing it put sometimes it can take a while for new lives to come through put i do enjoy playing it

    Olá pessoal, meu nome é Tony Davison. Eu venho jogando esse jogo há algumas semanas e não consigo parar de jogar, às vezes, pode demorar um pouco para que novas vidas cheguem e

    davamail disse:
    Oi a todos meu nome é Tony Davison Estive jogando este jogo por algumas semanas agora e eu não posso parar de jogar colocado às vezes pode demorar um pouco para novas vidas para vir através de colocar eu gosto de jogar 
  • luanacbluanacb Posts: 51 ✭✭
    edited July 29
    Verdadeiro colega. Quando a vida acabar, enlouquecemos, volte logo. Este jogo é ótimo. Eu não consigo parar de jogar! Boa sorte no seu jogo! @davamail3

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