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  • bearzpunkinbearzpunkin Posts: 25 ✭✭
    I got the notice that level 1430 is the last level for the pc
  • janet29janet29 Posts: 2
    I only have one reply, I could never figure out how you get the pins to do anything. It would be nice if there was somewhere in the game that tells you what they are for. 

  • davahotmaildavahotmail Posts: 25
    Doesnt matter what I say about this game even though I think it is great it won't be good enough for the gold bars 
  • davahotmaildavahotmail Posts: 25
    I've been trying to win some gold bars as I have been playing this game for several weeks now and I love it it's a challenge every game so whoever is reading this has got anything good to say please do if you haven't Don't TD thanks 
  • caroleldrethcaroleldreth Posts: 28
    Love the game hate getting stuck. Would love to win gold bars just once. Thanks
  • frankie04frankie04 Posts: 2
    This game gets better and better the more I play it been on it most of the day before I go to work just can't put it down thanks very much every one have a good day 
  • umairtony1umairtony1 Posts: 1
    You should need to ehnce a chances to players for continue playing game please when players passes a three stages continue give them 30 minutes life. Thank you.
  • NYgirlNYgirl Posts: 8
    Will more levels be added to the star cat house? I have completed all that are available 
  • jacksenjacksen Posts: 11
    Level 1669 is ridiculously hard. Come on King.
  • Altyrone7088Altyrone7088 Posts: 21
    I like It is something different & more interesting than most matching game. I haven't got none of the free stuff though can anyone help me out 
  • leesmith317leesmith317 Posts: 2
    Super fun and addicting game her y’all! I recommend this game to anyone and everyone! Great work y’all 
  • luanacbluanacb Posts: 51 ✭✭
    Hello! that game is amazing! I love to have fun playing, I'm happy passing levels and all the time I have available I'm playing! It's great to see the records of my friends and playmates! thanks to King for the super fun games! love! kisses
  • AdeboyeAdeboye Posts: 23 ✭✭
    I just love everything about Bubble Witch Saga 3.
    Just that the game is consuming too much data
  • bearzpunkinbearzpunkin Posts: 25 ✭✭
    Hi Janet, my game suddenly stopped too. But I emailed Support ([email protected]) and they took away my progress and let me start all over. I still had my power ups, flames and gold bars. Hope it works for you. =)
  • davahotmaildavahotmail Posts: 25
    Is it possible to get gold bars I've tried loads of times to get them and still none to be honest I'm getting fed up of asking I've asking for weeks now thanks Tony davison 
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