(FINISHED) Win Gold Bars! Bubble Witch Saga Math Contest.

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Stella has been doing her magic helping the players but look at what’s going on here!  Wilbur and Nero have been doing their own thing!   Stella could use your help.  Can you figure out what the final answer should be?  Let’s do the Christmas Equation puzzle!  

Please use the spoiler for your answer like on the picture below. Only players who use the spoiler will be eligible for the reward.

3 players will be randomly chosen to win 35 Gold Bars for BW 2 or BW3

QueenRaffie will contact you once the winners are announced here. 

Please have your user ID # ready by following the steps on here.

You have until 3rd of January 12:00 CET to participate.

You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

Good Luck!


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