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Introduce yourself and say hi to the Community!



  • jjannyejjannye Posts: 3
    Hi, I am new to the game, but I have fallen in love with it since I started playing it this week. I ended up in the hospital for three days and it kept me sane. If anyone wants to be friends with me so I can send you coins daily, please do. In my free time I take care of an elderly man full time, he is my roommate,  I have a chihuahua support dog, a long hair kitten, I do crafts, watch tv and movies, go to the beach, Christmas is my favorite time of year and I have my tree up already for the past two weeks. 
  • imcrushinit2imcrushinit2 Posts: 29
    Hi! I’m @imcrushinit2 a.k.a @candycrushinit. Having trouble logging in and resetting my password. Waiting to be fixed  o:)  
  • SWitnun68SWitnun68 Posts: 4
    QueenMia said:
    Hi there and Welcome to the Community! If you don't have a Community account yet, no worries, sign up right here to participate! It only takes a second! As easy as that 😉
    Don't miss out on our contests to win extra Gold and Boosters 🌟

    We are so happy you made it here! Since we all share the same passion for Candy Crush Friends, we would like to use this space to introduce ourselves and get to know each others a bit better :)

    Now, we know that it can be a bit intimating so let me start:

    So, hi everyone, I am QueenMia and just like cats, I enjoy laying in the sun, eat, be adventurous, travel and simply enjoy life. I'm in charge of the Friends Community and I'm here to make sure everyone enjoys the ride. You'll see me around sharing news, taking part in conversations and throwing some sweet gifts from time to time. 

    You might also see Xarly, Cezdiamond and Mark Hawk around. Those guys are with me and will jump in whenever it's needed. 

    We also have great Super Stars kindly helping out - There is JustPlaying, @firebombmarkus, @Alansmart, @Joseph45, @Pummy_Raj,  LynetteChicken SlayerElsa and @Alessandro_S. You'll recognise them by the 3 stars on their profile. They're the sweetest, please be nice to them and they'll go the extra mile to help you out  :3

    Everyone is more than welcome here, so don't be shy and spread the love (and the jelly). Let's make this place the sweetest Community for every Candy Friends lover!

    Now let's crush those candies together  :3

    If you're interested in joining our sweet Super Stars Team, check this out!

  • SWitnun68SWitnun68 Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm Sharon & I am completely lost. Usually I just play the games but I really like this game so I decided to join the community! 
  • MiaChristineMiaChristine Posts: 2,993 Legend
    Hello @SWitnun68 and welcome to the community! I am here as well as others to help you navigate and get the most out of the fun here! You came at a very good time we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary! What are your favorite king games?
  • Sunshine69Sunshine69 Posts: 1
    Hi 👋🏻 all you lovable happy King 👑 gamers,
    I finally made here lol 😂 
    although ive been playing all the candy crush sagas since their releases....
    I'm avidly playing on a daily basis CCFS
    Im hooked since day one absolutely love love love this game 💕💞💕💞
    Keep up all the good work peeps!! 
    I will be doing a lot of reading by the look of things.. But for now it's back to my CCFS before I say nite 🌛 and get some shut eye xxxxx
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,172 Community Manager
    Hi @SWitnun68 and @Sunshine69, welcome to the Community 🤗 

    You can check our Hot Topic post right here to make sure not to miss anything! 

    See you around and don't forget to have fun🍒

    Welcome to the King Community!
    No account yet? Sign up here in 2 seconds!

    👉 CCFS - Win Gold bars Here 🍒
    🌟 Beat our Superstars and get free boosters - Check here  🎉

    It's going to be Friend-Tastic ❄️ Find out more here for a chance to win 10 Gold bars!

    👉 CCJS - Gold bars here 🍭
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,434 Superstar

    Hello to all new community members that are introducing themselves here.  Welcome!  Here is a link to help you learn your way around the community.  Let's learn more about the King community!


    Make sure to check out the Contest Area for a chance to win gold bars!   You can check if your game is running any current contests, as well as the community contests (General).

  • RobinCorteRobinCorte Posts: 679 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi for all friends 🤩🎉
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