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I do not receive lives



  • GrahamM71GrahamM71 Posts: 9
    GrahamM71 said:
    I think it’s time to dig deeper with the developers and expose them for their failings! 
    Disregard I’m being grumpy..... lol I may have to start a FB account just for the game ONLY... is that a wise thing to do?
  • reddlegg123reddlegg123 Posts: 1
    Why can't I receive any lives
  • GhadaGhada Posts: 1
    I send lives always but I didn't receive any lives and I need lives to enjoy playing
  • thedemastithedemasti Posts: 3
    User ID 6383330100: I can neither send nor receive lives. 
  • lina1932lina1932 Posts: 4
    The same with me. I have friends saying they send lives, but never receive. 
  • DazDaz Posts: 25 ✭✭
    Ur not the only one, iv mentioned it a few times and I know a lot of ppl in the same boat x
  • sxxy18wheelersxxy18wheeler Posts: 2
    Yes me as well I got 2 lives yesterday but that’s it!
  • jeskinjeskin Posts: 12 ✭✭
    How do I play Mia?

  • Destinirae4Destinirae4 Posts: 1
    I am playing on iOS and have NEVER received one life from anyone I don't ever get to enjoy the game because I never have enough lives
  •  how do I send and receive lives
  • LindagayleLindagayle Posts: 8
    It is extremely rare that I get a life and I constantly send requests. I see a good size list of kingdom and FB friends that play so someone has to be sending something that I am not getting. 
  • yasmin350yasmin350 Posts: 1
    dotdoe said:
    I never get lives from friends assigned. I don’t think people are playing much. Today o got one life and maybe two other times I got 2 lives. So I am becoming very bored with game. I hate when they suggest moves which makes you lose game. 

    Escribe tu comentariosmr pasa lo mismo . me aburre

  • LindagayleLindagayle Posts: 8
    Right, I think a lot are still hearing about it and starting the game. I'm getting requests though, so my friends are playing.  A lot more probably would too if you could get a life without buying it once in a while. I rarely take the suggestions,  they're usually not nearly as beneficial as another possibility on the board.
  • aimihayat6288aimihayat6288 Posts: 7
    edited February 7
    The same with me. I have friends saying they send lives, but never receive. 
    Add me my id upstair ok
  • GrahamM71GrahamM71 Posts: 9
    @QueenMia is there an update on the progress of the developers fixing the receiving lives issue for FB and non FB players? the game is getting very boring without the exciting feeling you get knowing someone cared enough to send a life.  
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