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We sent our Superstar, Elsa, to the Candy Friends' launch in New-York!

QueenMia Posts: 12,979 Community Manager
edited November 2018 in Discussions
To celebrate the launch of our sweetest game, what's better than playing Candy Friends on NYC's buildings and breaking a World record? Not much you'd say. But how was it I hear you ask. Well, our Superstar, @Elsa was lucky enough to assist the big ceremony and here is what she took back home with her and for ever :love:

QueenMia: What was your reaction when you were told you were invited? Were you expecting it at all?

Elsa: I was totally shocked!  It’s not something that you get invited to on a daily or annual basis!  It’s like a once in a lifetime invite!  I was not expecting it at all, so it took me by surprise.

QueenMia: On a scale from 1-Bitter to 10-Sweeter than ever, how much were you excited?

Elsa: My excitement was through the roof, so it was definitely a 10!


QueenMia: What was your impression when you arrived at the venue?

Elsa: Once we received our wrist bands we followed the crowd and there was an inflatable color bomb, and Yeti and Tiffi.  That’s when the total excitement hit me that we were here!

QueenMia: What was your favorite part in the evening?

Elsa: Imagine yourself standing in a crowd of about 200 people who all love to play Candy Crush games.  Now how awesome is that?  My favorite part was taking the pictures and videos with my phone so that I could show everyone what was going on during the evening.  I also spoke to some people asking them how they liked this new game.  I introduced myself as a King Superstar and what I do and told them to check out King’s communities online. 


QueenMia: Do you like the new Candy Crush Friends? Why?

Elsa: Yes, I do!  I think it was a great idea to create a game with friends who can help us play the game.  My favorite character is Yeti because he throws out the wrapped candies to help me clear a level! And he’s an awesome friend to play the game with. 


QueenMia: Any sweetest story you will keep from that day?

Elsa: Aside from the excitement, the only other memory that I will keep from that day was how heavy the rain was.  Lucky for us, King supplied us with umbrellas with the Candy Crush Friends Saga logo on it.  It came in handy, but it was difficult to hold open an umbrella and try to take the videos from the projections on the building so most of the time the umbrella remained closed as I took these videos and I was drenched! 

Overall, I had a blast!  The music, when it finally started, was fantastic and it was awesome to see everything projected on to the building.  But the best part was being among a group of people who share the same love of the game.

The whole team was so excited for you here and your pictures and videos gave us all big smiles on our face! Keep rocking Elsa and thanks so much for your great help on the Community! 

If you think you have what it takes and you're interested in hearing more about the Superstar program, click here ;) 


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