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Meet our character of the week, Yeti!

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That you are new to the sweet world of Candy Crush Saga or not, it's always nice to discover things on our favourite characters. This week, we celebrate our tough-but-sweet Yeti :D  

About Yeti

Enormously strong, yet riddled with anxieties, Yeti is a lovable lunkhead who came from the game β€œYeti Trap,” where he was constantly hunted. He meditates and does yoga to try to control his fears and his enormous yeti appetite.

Yeti's Powers 

Match 12 cyan Candies, and Yeti will throw a Wrapped Candy into the mix. Prepare yourself for a big boom and a Candy avalanche!

Yeti's outfit

Yeti is tough but behind the big muscles there's an even bigger heart :heart: Our friend, Yeti, loves laughing and will always do his best to make his besties smile. Hence, he's asked our Studio Team to get him some serious-not-so-serious outfits! You can unlock these when passing levels. 

Exclusive interview!

We met Yeti in New-York for the launch of Candy Crush Friends and asked him a few questions:

If you were on a desert island and could have 3 things with you, what would it be? He said: Tiffi and her red bow, some explosive candies and my clown costume to make Tiffi laugh!

What do you think of Candy Friends? He said: That's my favourite game because I can finally help everyone to win those levels.

What makes you so strong? Hours of training and just a tiny bit of sweet candies!

That was it for Yeti's week  
To find out more about his outfit and see his power in action, click here.

Happy crushing everyone!

And you, if you could ask a question to Yeti, what would it be? 

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