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Discussion on Charged Friend Abilities

SeraphicStar Posts: 4,536 Legend
edited April 2019 in Discussions
Hello everyone, SeraphicStar here, and apologies for the cryptic thread title, but I wasn't sure exactly what to call it. :confused:

Anyways, in this thread I wanted to ask a question about the behavior of Friend Character charges at the end of levels. From what I've noticed the behavior of this isn't consistent as sometimes the character will use it at the end and sometimes it won't. :confounded:

I just wanted to ask if anyone knows what the conditions need to be in order for them to activate at the end of the level or if this is just random... :unamused:

If anyone could provide some insight into this peculiar phenomenon I would love to hear about it, and also sorry if this question has been raised before! :3

~ SeraphicStar


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