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What's your Favorite timed booster

marscrushinitmarscrushinit Posts: 2,536 Legend
I was curious to see what 2 hour booster you like best. 

Keep crushing it 🍭

What's your Favorite timed booster 21 votes

Friendly fish ( looks like a fish) puts an extra fish on the board when activate friends charge
firebombmarkusmarscrushinitwafercookieflippersAcv 4 votes
Friendly charge ( looks like wrapped candy) gives friends fully charged ability at start of level
Narta1612RegalRenzJaydieSashaBelewqueen_candy61whester 5 votes
Friendly coloring ( looks like coloring candy) and it acts as a coloring candy filling board with friends color
QueenMiaMightyWolfGranBarbJoseph45flew66Foley1362mysticalmystyEmma2Simon888MissDee322deewikedLeony 12 votes


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