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Tiffi is back!

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,734 Superstar
edited September 17 in Candy Friends Stories

Many years ago, Tiffi accidentally fell into the Candy Kingdom and brought chaos into Mr. Toffee's orderly world.  After being in the Candy Kingdom for so many years, she has become such a mischievous ball of enthusiasm. Although she eventually wants to get home, she's happy to stick around for adventure, exploration, and, of course, Candy! 


Her new adventure begins back in Candy Town where she will meet up with some of her old friends, and some are new. 


Her adopted father, Mr. Toffee, will offer help to you as you play your way through levels.  He's been the beloved mayor of Candy Town for as long as anyone can remember. His unmatched passion for Candy matching means he has little tolerance for chaos and inefficiency.


Let’s see what adventures Tiffi goes on here.

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