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Who can help Tiffi solve this problem?

ElsaElsa Posts: 23,168 Superstar
edited August 2019 in Candy Friends Stories

“I’ve got an idea,” says Tiffi with excitement.  “How about I contact Giggles.  When I met with him at Crumbly Crossing I got the impression that he wants to spread love and cheer.  Wait, that won’t work because when I saw him he had made too many sweet treats to carry.  Then I ended up jumping right in and we had a food fight.  No, forget about him!”

Just then, she saw Nutcracker approaching them.  He used to be called Jean-Luc when he first appeared in the Eggnog Emporium episode.  He fell in to the Candy Kingdom one Christmas Eve as a regular toy soldier, but was quickly turned to life by the imagination, love, and magic that characterises the Kingdom.  Ever since, he has been in an everlasting Christmassy kind of mood!


He is 8 years old and he’s an optimist and charming.  Much like Tiffi, Jean-Luc loves helping others, and he does so with great finesse – as long as he’s helping with either cracking nuts or wrapping presents. Jean-Luc has had a huge crush on Tiffi since she helped him right after his fall from Earth.  He was a bit broken and she fixed him right up! He is a real romantic and will cry to any love song, as they're all "so relatable". 

“Tiffi, my love,” Nutcracker says.  “when did you move back here? Why didn’t you call me?  Let’s get together and I can hug you and kiss you.  *smooch*”


“Oh no,” says Tiffi.  “I didn’t want to see him today when my friend Red Rabbit needs my help so much.”


“I just got back into town Nutcracker,” Tiffi says.  “I will have to meet up with you another time because Red Rabbit really wants my help right now.”


And off goes Nutcracker dragging his feet.  He hopes that she will call him soon so they can get together.  Now what can Tiffi do?  Who can she call?  Let’s find out here.

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