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  • kvega4kvega4 Posts: 4
    Why can't we share gold bars between games?! Been stuck in level 816 CC Friends but can't seem to have enough moves, only gives u one cookie at a time! Not fair, not even with boaters!
  • dh1964dh1964 Posts: 1
    It would be more fun if after you passed a hard level you would get a bonus like extra 5 lives, or a game booster that would let you choose when to use it even if you were already in the middle of a game. Also, if you would actually be able to send and receive lives!

  • Pez75Pez75 Posts: 2

    This game needs a smaller games like daily or weekly memorycard games. It could be simple and 
    after the main memory card game there should be possibility to double your winning so you might lose it all if you're creedy enough.

    Other thing that comes to my mind is a special finds that you can collect each level !f you can. If you can collect example Three in a row you win 1 gold bar. If you can collect five in a row you win 3 gold bars and so on the maximum winning should be like 20 gold bars but it should not be too easy to get it but still not impossible!

    I love Candy 🍬 Crush games but in Candy Crush friends there should be a possibility to invite your friends to play that a you can send lifes and maybe even gold bars if you want.

    Have a nice play moments U all

  • dolphinbabe0328dolphinbabe0328 Posts: 4
    I love the game, wish I could play it more than I am able.
  • dianesilva50dianesilva50 Posts: 15
    Hello I love playin everyday levels are to hard some days  

  • dianesilva50dianesilva50 Posts: 15
    I really love this game
  • dianesilva50dianesilva50 Posts: 15
    There should be a way u can earn gold bars more paying 
  • bluroseblurose Posts: 2
    edited August 26
  • eestradaeestrada Posts: 1
    edited August 27
    Excelente juego, me fascina, se lo recomiendo a todos mis contactos

    (EDIT: Unsupported Language)
  • KarensinhaKarensinha Posts: 1
    edited August 27
    Playing makes my mind rest from everyday stuff. I like trying and trying until I get it! 
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,871 Community Manager
    edited August 27
    Hello everyone and welcome to the Community :waving:

    Thank you all for the great feedback but please remember that we are looking for specific feedback on Quests. We really would love to know what you like and dislike and how we can make it better for you all

    Here are a few questions you can answer but any thoughts on the Quests are more than welcome!

    • Do you play to complete Quests every day? If not, how often do you try to complete them?
    • What would encourage you to complete more Quests?
    • Do you sometimes pick a character that is not recommended because he or she would help you to complete a quest?
    • What are your favourite quests?
    • What types of quests would you like to have in the game? (Go crazy with ideas!)
    • Is there anything else quest-related that you would like to suggest or share?

    Also, please note that we only speak English on the Community. This is to make sure that everyone understands and is understood ;)

    Thanks again to you all and have the sweetest day πŸ’

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  • SuperheroSuperhero Posts: 3
    I think you should  give more power ups or colour balls
  • dianesilva50dianesilva50 Posts: 15
    I zgree
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