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    Love these games,absolutely awesome
  • jennaaayjennaaay Posts: 4
    Love the candy crush saga
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       I love <3 the quests! Sometimes I get on and play, just to do the quests & once I've done them I wait till midnight or after to play again. But most the time I play a few times a day whether I've done the quests or not.
       I'd play more if there was quests more often than every 24hours.. Cause it's really the only way to get the things you need...
       & I definitely use different characters than the ones recommended if it's one of the quests. Even if I know I'm probably going to lose a few lives. <3
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    FABULOUS game I  recommend both candy crush saga and candy crush Friends games to everyone who love their match 3 games
    This is what I think of the game

    B)  B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B)
  • jennaaayjennaaay Posts: 4
    Enjoy passing time playing these games
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    How do u talk to your friends in your list????
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    edited September 4

    So now is the time when I cover some other things not already addressed & elaborate on some of the points I mentioned earlier.  Hopefully, there are still people reading this & if King is serious about wanting feedback, some of this will resonate & make a difference.  I’m going to speak personally, as I can only be myself & give my own experiences & desires & thoughts.  However, while I may be alone in some of the things I express, I feel there are many others who would agree with me on other points.

    I want to start off by saying, I play for myself.  I don’t really care about other people’s games or what they do.  I’d rather just play my own game & have everything that happens in the game be based on my own performance.  I’m not a fan of team challenges or having my rewards based on how others do or be reliant on others.  I don’t ask for lives from anyone nor do I offer them up.  It’s fine for those that do, it’s just not what I play for or am interested in.

    What I am interested in & enjoy most about this game is unlocking new characters & Costumes.  In the beginning it was great, because there were a bunch of new characters available & all we needed to do was complete quests & levels & every time we opened a gift box we would work towards earning new costumes.  This doesn’t seem to happen anymore.  While it is ok to find other fun & creative ways to add character costume into the game, it is not ok when they are not available to all players.  I have talked repeated on this issue on this forum.  I started the thread DOES THIS GAME RUN DIFFERENTLY FOR EVERYONE? discussing this very issue.  https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-friends-saga/discussion/257021/does-this-game-run-differently-for-everyone/p1

    I understand the explanation given & appreciate all the hard work that is put into games like this.  I was told to stick around & see what new features would show up for everyone.  In hindsight I think this was a specific reference to the Bubblegum Troll, but even that was apparently not available to everyone.  If Odus Challenges aren’t available on Windows, then windows players should not miss out on rewards give just because of the device they use.  Things like lollipops & other rewards are one thing, but a costume is something else.  I complete my quests every day I would easily earn the highest reward if I was able to.  Since I’m not, why can’t it be added to my game as something to collect in pieces as many of the other characters were in the beginning.  This way everyone still has the opportunity to earn the costumes no matter what device thy use.  It seems like a reasonable compromise.

     Also, going back a ways, there was the Santa Yeti costume, which was apparently only available for a limited time.  I didn’t know this & was only about 15 pieces away from completing it when it disappeared.  Probably another day, maybe 2 at most & I would have had him.  The problem is I completed my quests every day, I got many level rewards & completed maps & other things that earn pieces.  There really wasn’t any way I could have done more, but I didn’t always earn pieces for the Santa Yeti.  I have no control over which pieces I earn when, but if this was a limited time availability, it should have taken preference over any of the other characters that would still be available later.  Turkey Tiffi never showed up for me until after the time already ran out, as a star chaser, then because a costume to collect with pieces but was completely gone a day later.  I never even knew Pilgrim Nutcracker existed until I saw it show on here in people’s Scrapbooks.  I never had the option to collect Soccer Tiffi, even though my country won.  Now, there is Eagle Odus, which I also miss out on just because I play on my computer. 

     This game is supposed to be fun, but my experience is becoming miserable & bitter as the very thing that I play for is being denied me, so I don’t really see the point of playing anymore.  Ironically, it was the Olivia Conclave, showing up & disappearing, that caused me to seek this forum out & I discovered I was missing a lot.  Had that not happened I would have kept playing in own oblivious world & not care about anything else & not be aware of everything that I’ve missed out on.

     I have, completed over 99% of the quests offered, always complete Star Chasers when they show up, & complete the majority of levels with 3 stars & otherwise finish every task & event that shows up.  I would like to not miss out on future costumes offer, no matter what is required to do so, & would love a way to earn any & all of the previous ones I do not have.  This is what would get me back into the game, that I otherwise greatly enjoy playing.  I would love to see a release of at least 4 or 5 or more costumes all at once & make it fun to play again & earn them.  I’ve previously submitted several costume ideas for the characters & have others I would be happy to share if needed/asked.

     Ok, I’ve rambled on enough.  I have more I could say but I've probably already said way more then anyone cares to read about.  Hopefully, I have gotten my point & ideas across & some of this actually makes a difference.  If any clarification or further information is needed just let me know.

  • wendy624wendy624 Posts: 4
    I absolutely love all the quest! I have been playing for over 5 years I believe! I'm hooked and will continue to play as long as I have levels!!
  • mosi13mosi13 Posts: 47 ✭✭
    I agree too that there should be another way to earn gold bars. Maybe reaching a certain amount of points to earn a gold bar . A like playing with yeti. He comes handy a lot. I like the quests where you have to get a certain number of special moves. I get those pretty fast and get stickers for the characters faster. I don't play every day  but I play for a couple hours sometimes when I get the chance to play. I like when I get unlimited time I end up playing more to reach the quest goals faster too. I don't like the fact that you can't get gold bars as your prize for completing the quests That would be a nice incentive to keep playing as well.

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    • Do you play to complete Quests every day? If not, how often do you try to complete them?                                                                    Yes, I play them every day and I try to complete them as much as I can.
    • What would encourage you to complete more Quests?           The gifts so to get enough stickers and get a new character maybe or a new outfit.         
    • Do you sometimes pick a character that is not recommended because he or she would help you to complete a quest?                                                                    Yes and I'm feeling proud of it and it depends the quest, of course!
    • What are your favourite quests?                                              My favorite ones are matching blue candies with Nutcracker, matching red candies with Tiffi and matching a certain number of red, yellow or green candies.
    • What types of quests would you like to have in the game? (Go crazy with ideas!)                                                                Well, nice question. Maybe using a certain booster in a certain level.
    • Is there anything else quest-related that you would like to suggest or share?                                                                  Right now, nope, I don't have any in my mind.
  • TeeshBanootTeeshBanoot Posts: 2
    My only complaint with dailies is that I can get into tunnel vision mode, and shy away from better moves.
    I get caught up in getting the daily done...
    Otherwise, love it!
  • bmacebmace Posts: 8
    I have completed a number of quests and really enjoy doing them. However, I have not received the rewards indicated for most of them! I am playing on an iPad or an iPhone. Is it possible to get those rewards I have achieved? User name - bmace
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    edited September 10
    Eu comecei a jogar candy crush Friends recentemente ( acho que demorou chegar aqui no Brasil) e estou gostando muito. Antes eu jogava farm heroes saga mas os níveis estavam ficando muito difíceis e resolvi parar um pouco.
    Aqui estou no nível 532 ainda e estou gostando muito, porém acho que devia ter missões  valendo barras de ouro ou vidas extras. Eu jogo todos os dias, acho importante manter a regularidade.  Também nunca recebi vida extra dos amigos, será um problema do jogo? 
    No geral o jogo é  bom, divertido estou gostando muito. 

    (EDIT: Unsupported Language)
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